, author: Ermakova M.

Things to get rid of to make your home healthier

At home, there are little things that we keep, and they can really harm our health.

The house should be not only clean, but also safe, although one does not interfere with the other. There are things that should serve us and bring only benefit, helping us in everyday life. However, if you do not get rid of them in time, their use can backfire. What are these things? We will tell you what you need to get rid of without regret in order to avoid harm to your health and the health of your household.

Watch out for frozen foods

The foods we store in the freezer must also be controlled. We cannot leave frozen foods for many years as they can be very hazardous to health as they also expire. We recommend that before placing the product in the freezer, place a label on it indicating the date of its freezing.

Old or expired medicines

Like food, medicines can pose a health hazard when they are past their expiration date. We must be especially careful with medicines intended for children and pets.

Cracked wooden utensils

She is one of the biggest dangers in the kitchen. You should always pay attention to the wooden utensils you use in the kitchen and their condition. Wood utensils have antibacterial properties, but once they start to crack or stay damp for too long, they can become really dangerous. Bacteria can settle in these cracks, and then they will go directly into the food we consume. If the crack exceeds 2 millimeters in thickness, you should dispose of these dishes and kitchen utensils without pity.

Food in the fridge

Thoroughly inspect the refrigerator and remove any leftover food that has been in the refrigerator for too many days. These foods can cause food poisoning and even become a hotbed of bacteria in your refrigerator. Then wash the shelves with soap and water or using baking soda.

Update your rags and towels

Remove dirty and old rags, as they can be a source of infection. Do the same with towels. Despite the fact that you take very good care of textiles, over time, washing, quality, and softness lose their value. That's why once they start to discolor, get rougher, you'd better get rid of them.

Old children's clothes and toys

When we have multiple children, we often hoard toys, textiles, clothing, and even furniture to pass on to the "next generation." And although the temptation to use some things is great, we should always make sure that they are in perfect condition. For example, old cribs can become porous and cracked (see above for their dangers).

Follow the wiring

Replace old wires in time, keep an eye on the sockets and contact an electrician in time. They can pose a danger to you and your loved ones.

Expired cosmetics

With cosmetics, you need to be careful and always check the expiration date. Cosmetics and all hygiene products have an expiration date. On the back, next to the ingredients, each product usually has a small jar-like design, also known as the PAO symbol (period after opening), where we can see if the product can be used - 12 or 24 months. Most cosmetics have such expiration dates.

Sponges and other bathroom accessories

Sponges and other bathroom items, such as toothbrushes, should be thoroughly cleaned or renewed fairly frequently. If we do not do this, they will become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. On sponges, it is even easier to notice when they can no longer be used. As soon as you get black spots, it's a sign that the mold has already soaked in and it's time to change them.