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, author: Ermakova M.

How to iron clothes easier and more fun

We'll tell you why your clothes should be ironed, give you ideas on how to make ironing fun, and tips on how to take care of your iron to keep it running smoothly.

The advent of synthetic fibers has relegated ironing to second or third place on the list of household chores. There are people who have come up with super-modern methods of laying clothes, as well as fans of automatic dryers. However, we can't deny that some of our favorite items look much better after being ironed and fabrics look like new, so we decided to show you that ironing can be fun and enjoyable.

Why iron clothes?

Here are some reasons that will encourage you to iron your clothes:

Ironing helps the fibers regain the shape they lost after washing.
Up to 64% of viruses and bacteria can be found in your clothes that can withstand the temperature and heat of a washing machine, in many cases ironing removes up to 99% of them.

Besides, don't you love the feeling of taking a shirt off the hanger, putting it on and feeling perfect in it?

Ironing is easy and fun

There are many more things you can do while ironing to make sure it's not a waste of time. Plus, it's not as hard as you think, check out all our tricks to make ironing quick and easy.

Watch your favorite shows that you didn't have time for.
Sing and dance. Turn on the playlist that motivates you the most and relax.
Read or study. Audiobooks are best suited for these moments: your hands are busy and your brain is completely free,
Exercise: By simply maintaining good posture, you are already strengthening the muscles in your abs, lower back, buttocks, and legs. If you add lateral leg movements or a few squats to it, you'll have flawless clothes and gym sessions for the same price.
Conversation: Why not invite your girlfriend over for coffee and chat? You can do both and even arrange a video call to make it even more comfortable.

See, ironing doesn't have to be boring or even a waste of time. If you follow these tips, you will even enjoy it.

Iron Care Tips

Before use, wipe the surface of the iron at maximum temperature with a damp cloth to keep it clean.
If tap water is very hard, use distilled water.
Wait until the iron has completely cooled down before putting the iron away.

Ironing tips

1. In order for all clothes to look perfect, you just need to introduce the habit of ironing them into your daily routine - not daily, set aside a certain day of the week for this, so you will not look for an excuse to get down to business. In addition, it is much more efficient than ironing several pieces of clothing every day, and it will also help you save energy, since it takes a long time for the iron to heat up.

2. Choose a bright spot to iron, set your board to a comfortable height, and don't forget to check the labels on your clothes...remember, they're for something.

3. Cover the ironing board with a cover that retains heat, you will find that it will be much easier for you to move the iron and the creases will disappear faster.

4. Moisten your clothes. The ironing water steamer will help you smooth out fabrics and thus get rid of wrinkles without much effort.

5. Create a system. Let the iron heat up gradually. Use low temperature first for delicate or synthetic garments and high temperature for cotton or linen.

6. Lay out the clothes carefully. If they have buttons or zippers, always keep them closed to keep everything in place, and always iron on the back so there is no sheen.

7. To make ironing easier, do not spin the laundry in the washing machine at maximum power. To dry, gently shake the clothes, and try to place clothespins at the seams so as not to leave marks on the clothes. Lastly, if you have an automatic dryer, don't overfill it, you'll see your clothes come out almost ironed.

8. After ironing, hang clothes on hangers or fold them so that wrinkles do not reappear.

9. Always check the soleplate of the iron before and after ironing to prevent stains on clothes. If there are residues, a damp cloth is sufficient to remove them.