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Save money on your energy or gas bill with simple tricks

Do you want to save money on your next utility bill? With these little tricks you can reduce your electricity and gas consumption.

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You can save money on your utility bills by following some elementary rules. Follow these elementary rules and you will see the result in your next utility bill.

1.Use pots and pans of the same size as the burner

This way, you won't waste heat and you can cut electricity bills by up to 20%.

2. Cover them with a lid during cooking

Another very easy way to save electricity or gas is to cover pots and pans during cooking. This shortens the cooking time and results in considerable savings.

3. Reduce the number of complicated recipes

An effective way to save money is to avoid complicated recipes: prepare more frequently and cook for less than half an hour.

4: Use left-over heat

With the exception of induction hobs, all other hobs allow you to use waste heat when cooking. You just need to turn off the heat 2-5 minutes before the dish is ready. This way, you'll only end up cooking with the heat which will be wasted otherwise. One last tip? If you use a multicooker or steamer, you can also reduce your kitchen energy consumption. In addition to eating healthy!

5. Bake several dishes in the oven at once

Use your oven to cook different meals at the same time. Remember that you can place several pans at different heights, which saves energy and time.

6. Unplug household appliances when you're not using them

The well-known 'ghost consumption' suggests an energy cost of close to 10% across the whole house. If you're not using an appliance, such as a microwave or multicooker, unplug it as their standby mode is also costly. It's important to unplug them after use. You may forget to do this at first, but you'll get used to it in time!

7. LED lighting

Lighting accounts for a third of your home's lighting costs. If you want to save money, it's crucial that you replace traditional bulbs and light fixtures with LED or energy-saving ones.

In addition, if you take advantage of natural lighting, you will also reduce your use of artificial lighting.

8. Watch out for your fridge

The fridge is the most energy consuming appliance in the flat! plugged in 24 hours a day, it uses 20% of all energy.

That's why you should avoid repeatedly opening and closing the fridge - which most of us unknowingly do - and don't put hot and lukewarm food in it. Make sure it's the ideal temperature (3 to 5 degrees Celsius) and set a temperature in the freezer (-18 to -15 degrees Celsius).

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