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Prince Harry's Memoirs: the future book and what the Royal Family fears

Harry's revelations threaten to shake the foundations of the monarchy once again, but the rebellious prince's relatives are ready to meet them fully armed.

Many movies and TV series have been made about his family, only the laziest have not talked about him, detailed biographies and exclusive news stories continue to multiply. Now, finally, Prince Harry has decided to take control of the narrative. He's almost done it with Oprah Winfrey's scandalous interview, but he's still got the audience hooked. And judging by insider information about his as yet unpublished memoir, which Gothic author J.M. Mohringer had a hand in, the grandson of Elizabeth II is reaching a new level of openness. In this review, let's talk about what is known about Harry's forthcoming book. As it turns out, time is of the essence here.

When will Prince Harry's memoir come out?

Late 2022. Specifically, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is believed to be the time when Penguin Random House, the publisher behind the book, makes the most money. In any case, the memoir has already been written. A source told The Sun newspaper, "The manuscript is complete and has gone through all the legal procedures. Prince Harry has given it away. The publication date has already been postponed once, but it will be outlined before the end of this year."

How much will he make from the publication?

According to Page Six, Prince Harry will receive $20 million from Penguin Random House. He had previously promised to give that money to charity.

A little drama with Harry's documentary project

It comes from Netflix. The streaming giant seems concerned that Harry's memoirs will overtake its documentary series about the Dukes of Sussex. So it's decided to release the TV project around the same time as the book comes out of print. And at the same time will be the release of a new, fifth, season of the popular series about the life of the British royal family "The Crown". One source told Page Six that Netflix producers wanted to make sure they kept their hand in the pulse and wouldn't be second to the publisher. They "knew the book was coming out, so they set out to release the series this year. They don't want to put it off any longer." So, November and December of this year are likely to be filled with stories and conversations about the British royal family.

The royal family is furious.

Harry is unlikely to write anything negative about the Queen's grandmother, which cannot be said about the rest of the family. Prince Charles seems particularly concerned that his son is targeting his stepmother, Duchess Camilla. A source told The Sun: "Charles has shared his suspicions with William and insisted that he somehow give an interview and defend Camilla, who will be attacked in the book. But as much as William loves his father, he does not want to get involved. He will probably try to remain neutral." And another royal source told The Mirror, "There is now a tsunami among the royal family about what Harry will write. Many are hoping that he might adjust some points, but not much hope for that."

There will be "new content" in the book

Thanks to previous biographies and TV shows, we already know a lot about Harry's life. But Page Six's source noted, "There will be a lot of new stories from the past that Harry hasn't talked about before, about his childhood ... there will be some content that will make his family nervous." Royal expert and author Andrew Morton told US Weekly that Charles must be especially nervous. "If I were Prince Charles, I'd look for a place to hide. I think we'll see him in the line of fire more than once."

Elizabeth II is already "working with lawyers."

Despite claims that Harry won't want to say anything negative about the queen, The Sun claims Her Majesty is "working with lawyers," and her confidants are talking to specialists who handle libel cases. "The feeling coming straight from the top is that enough has been said," a source told the publication. "There is a limit to how much will be taken. The queen and the royal family can only go so far. They are consulting with lawyers. Harry and Meghan will be aware that there will be a response to their repeated attacks." The Queen's team is apparently considering sending a "legal warning" to Penguin Random House. And it will be announced if a decision is made.

Harry and Meghan's former staff prepare to defend themselves

Another royal source told the Daily Mail that "Harry and Meghan's ex-staffers are convinced that this book is written to settle scores and will likely contain a lot of details about their time inside the royal family. Thinking back to Oprah Winfrey's interviews, some of these former collaborators just don't believe that a complete and accurate picture will be presented. Discussions have already begun intended to define steps that can be taken to protect their own reputations, and what retaliatory publications will follow from the royal family."

Harry's friends may oppose him

Like most members of the royal family, Harry's friends at Eton College and the Army are concerned about the memoirs. One of them noted in a conversation with the Daily Mail, "It seems hypocritical of Harry to kick out of the general company those who blabbed too much to the press. There are concerns that he's going to reveal details of his turbulent youth, and some are worried it will wreak havoc with their careers and personal lives." The source also stated that "if Harry criticizes any of his high school or army buddies, they have promised to 'break ranks' and tell their story."

What does Harry himself say about the memoir?

Most importantly, his comments are almost entirely devoid of drama, and it's very likely that all the fears of his relatives and loved ones are in vain. Here, for example, is what the publisher's official press release reveals:

"In a candid and heartfelt memoir by one of the most inspiring and influential men of our time, Prince Harry gives his first full account of the experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that helped shape him. Being in the spotlight from his childhood years to the present, including his service, the military duty that brought him twice to the line of fire in Afghanistan, the joy he has known as a husband and father, Prince Harry will offer an honest and engaging self-portrait that will show readers that behind all the facts they know lies a brave and uplifting human story."

Harry's personal clarification of the memoir:

"I write this not as the prince I am by birth, but as the man I have become. Over the years, I have tried on many roles, both figuratively and literally. So I hope that by telling my story of the ups and downs, mistakes and lessons learned, I can show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I have learned throughout my life, and I am glad that people will get a firsthand account of my life that is accurate and completely true.