, author: Ermakova M.

Coronation of Charles III: key moments

A yawning Prince Louis, a kiss from his son and a shaky crown - we will tell you what the celebration that took place in London will be remembered for.

Today, Westminster Abbey hosted the first coronation of a British monarch in 70 years. In the presence of numerous guests, among whom were representatives of the ruling houses of Europe and Africa, as well as heads of state from around the world, Charles III was proclaimed king at the age of 74. Let's see how the citizens of Foggy Albion will remember the past celebration, there were many interesting moments during it.


During the service, the Archbishop of Canterbury tried for several seconds to put the crown on Charles III, thus giving an official start to his reign. First, he placed the unique headdress with an effort, and then twisted it several times in an attempt to hold it. But after the turn didn't work, I tried again to fix it in place. After the second attempt, the crown on the king's head tilted slightly forward. Mr. Welby immediately adjusted the crown again, leaned over and examined it carefully before finally removing his hands. When they put the crown on Camilla, she began to straighten her hair without hesitation. As they say, a woman is a woman.

Prince Louis "stole the show" again

The youngest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, 5-year-old Louis attracted everyone's attention. At his grandfather's coronation at Westminster Abbey, he joined his parents and sister Charlotte. The eldest son of the couple and heir to the British throne, Prince George performed the honorary duty of the royal page that day.

During the historic ceremony, Louis was unable to suppress a few yawns and at some point left his seat in the front row, only to return to the hall during the playing of the national anthem. He also enthusiastically pointed to Charlotte interesting things that interested him in the abbey, as they both sat in front of the high altar. At the end of the coronation, the children of William and Catherine sang "God Save The King" with everyone else as Charles III walked past them towards the exit of the temple. Louis and Charlotte followed him out of the abbey, hand in hand.

Dazzling Princess Katherine

Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen dress to the coronation, just like Charlotte. Dresses of mother and daughter were combined with each other not only in color, but also in embroidery depicting a rose, shamrock, daffodil and thistle - symbols of the four peoples of the British Isles: the British, Scots, Welsh and Irish. Instead of a crown, Prince William's wife chose to decorate her head with a floral tiara made of precious metal and a scattering of small stones.

A tender moment between a king and his heir

The King and the Prince of Wales were connected during the ceremony by a touching moment. According to tradition, paying tribute to the crowned monarch, William bowed his head to his father, and then put his lips to his cheek. During the entire ceremony, the prince tried to avoid direct eye contact, but after the kiss, Charles III said a few words to him, which remained behind the scenes.

The iconic ritual, however, was nevertheless violated this time, because Prince Harry did not do the same. According to the rules, all the children of the king, in this case, two princes of the blood, must perform such a rite.

Crowd cheering from the balcony

Charles and Camilla, accompanied by members of their family, including the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and others, appeared at 2.25 p.m. in the rain on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The citizens gathered below immediately began to chant in unison: "God save the king!" And when the crowned spouses waved back, the volume of the response increased exponentially. Prince Louis could not resist and enthusiastically also began to wave. The excitement of the British did not subside even after the king and queen went inside the palace. When the sodden crowd began to disperse, Karl and Camilla went out for the second round to greet their most staunch fans.