, author: Ermakova M.

Meghan Markle Sparked Rumors of a Breakup with Prince Harry

The Sussex spouses themselves assure that they are doing well.

Photo source: Mike Coppola / gettyimages

Over the past week, Meghan Markle visited at least three secular parties. There would be nothing unusual in this, if not for one “but”.

The Duchess of Sussex attends events in splendid isolation, without Prince Harry. However, this does not affect her mood in any way.

Megan actively has fun until late, communicates with other celebrities, willingly poses for photojournalists.

All this gave rise to gossip about a serious quarrel between the Sussexes, because around the same time, Prince Harry was noticed at a sporting event - and also alone.

Nevertheless, Megan and Harry answer all questions about problems in the family in the same way - we have a complete order.