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Don't Eat Them: 5 Tricky Breakfast Foods

The first meal should be solid, but some foods are still better excluded from the morning menu.

Nutritionists unanimously talk about the need for a hearty breakfast - this way you can provide yourself with energy for most of the day. However, there are products in which there are much more calories than useful substances - it is difficult to get enough of them, but getting a few extra centimeters at the waist with their help is easy. Remember foods that should not be eaten as breakfast:

Coffee with cream

coffee with milk

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Coffee is not harmful in itself. A cup of aromatic drink in the morning will even be useful if you do not add milk / cream, sugar, syrups and other sweeteners to your coffee. All this turns coffee - a drink that not only invigorates, but also normalizes blood pressure - into a cup of calories.


Do not be surprised - healthy oatmeal can be insidious ... if you eat it in large quantities, adding sugar, honey, sweet fruits to the finished dish. Such a dish is rich in fiber - this is an indisputable plus, but because of the sweet additives, it is also enriched with fast carbohydrates - this means an extremely short-term feeling of fullness and rapid weight gain.

Fried eggs

fried egg

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A boiled egg is a great breakfast option, but it is better to refuse fried eggs or scrambled eggs. Fried foods are a source of "bad" cholesterol, which clogs blood vessels.

Sweet pastries

Buns, cookies, croissants - all this is very tasty, but not healthy at all. Sweet flour products contain a large amount of sugar and butter. Their use in the morning is a powerful carbohydrate "hit" on the body.

Corn flakes with milk

corn flakes

This is the fastest breakfast option - in the morning, as a rule, there is no time to cook something more intricate. Ready-made breakfast cereals are low in fiber and protein (that is, it is difficult to call them nutritious), but a lot of sugar and preservatives. The result of frequent consumption of corn flakes is extra pounds and high cholesterol.

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