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Britney Spears is getting a divorce

Her husband of 29 years, fitness trainer and aspiring actor, Sam Asgari has filed for divorce.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's marriage is nearing an end. It has become known that the 29-year-old fitness trainer and aspiring actor has filed for divorce, a year after a lavish wedding in California. This news comes just hours after reports of the couple deciding to live apart. "Britney and Sam have split. She insists she did not engage in cheating and betrayal. They have not been living together for some time and finally decided to end the relationship after a serious relationship clarification," a source close to the couple told ET.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Spears is "not feeling very well" after the breakup. "She denies any allegations of cheating and is going through a lot of emotions," the source confirmed. "She's upset because the situation has reminded her of previous feelings. It's the last thing she needed, especially after moving her sons to Hawaii and worrying about them after the massive fire there. She is trying to get back on her feet and be healthy emotionally, physically and mentally again. Britney has people around her, a close circle supporting her. They are rallying around her."

Another source added that "Britney and Sam have had ups and downs throughout their relationship. They love each other very much, but they also argue a lot about fundamental things. Sometimes they feel that their needs don't resonate with each other. And recently, circumstances have taken a bad turn and their arguments have become tougher and more demanding."

Eyewitnesses say that Spears and Asghari "had problems as a couple right after the wedding. And those problems intensified when they were away from each other and spent time apart. At times, Britney felt like she wasn't a priority to Sam. Arguments and fights led to both of them feeling unhappy in the relationship. They also had different views on the future of their marriage, and that became a major stumbling block.".