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A Million Dollar Star and Country Music: all about Taylor Swift

The most interesting facts and current news about country-pop singer Taylor Swift. Biographical information and iconic events of the creative path.

American pop-country singer Taylor Swift never fails to draw attention to her extraordinary persona. One of the latest news of the year 2022 has a scandalous tone: the British marketing firm "Yard" awarded her first place in the anti-rating of celebrities on air pollution. The report with the exact number of trips by the singer's private jet from January 1 to July 19, the company published on its website. So, 170 flights, 16 days in the air and 8,293 tons of carbon emissions, which is 1,185 times more than the norm for an average person.

The star's representatives did not seem at all embarrassed by the situation, and The Hollywood Reporter published a response to the British marketers. "Taylor's plane is occasionally rented by other people. To attribute every flight to her is absolutely wrong." And should Taylor herself pay attention to such outbursts? Her life path is full of significant events and achievements, about which our selection of the most interesting facts of biography and creativity will tell.

Something from Taylor Swift's life: 5 biographical facts
Name. Whole sounds like Taylor Allison. The future star's mother, Andrea Swift, named her after the famous musician James Taylor. However, there is a version that her mother wanted to choose a unisex name that would help build a business career. The second part (Allison), like musical talent, is a legacy from her grandmother. There's little doubt that the name in some way predetermined her path to stardom.
Passion for Literature. As early as 4th grade, Taylor won a national contest with her own poem, "The Monster Hiding in the Closet."
Britney. In her youth, the singer was a fan of Spears, even placed a poster of her idol in the bathroom for many years. She had no idea yet that in 2016 she would leave Britney far behind, becoming, according to Forbes, the most successful music star with $170 million in earnings.
Favorite number. The devil's dozen for Taylor Swift is not a prejudice, but a happy omen since she was born. The day she was born is December 13, and from then on, the number "13" runs through her life.
Friendship. She considers fellow musician Selena Gomez her best friend. At first, they were connected not by music, but by love: both stars were having affairs with the guys from "Jonas Brothers". The subsequent parting with the boyfriends turned into a strong friendship between the two singers.

On Musical Olympus: 5 Facts of Creative Growth
The beginning. Taylor Swift picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and has never let go, delighting her fans with melodic hits. At the same age, she broke into applause at the opening of the 76th Philadelphia Games by singing the U.S. national anthem.
Record. Taylor won the Grammy for Album of the Year at age 20, and has held the record for the youngest singer to win this high honor ever since.
Recognition. Cultural historian Kate Knibbs called Swift not just a pop actress, but a self-sufficient musical biosphere. Fans, adoring for her "girl next door" image, gave Taylor the nickname "American Sweetheart."
Music and style. The singer's stage personas are so flawless that over the years Vogue, People, Elle and other fashion publications have classified her as an American style icon.
Singer of the decade. Taylor became one in 2014 according to the American Music Awards. Billboard added the title of Woman of the Year to this high status.

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Taylor Swift's successes and achievements are complemented by another noble side of her activities: charity. In addition, she adores Scottish lop-eared cats. And this only increases the flow of admiration from fans, peers and music critics to the country-pop singer.

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