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Lush hairstyles are making a comeback: styling your hair like Kaia Gerber

The 22-year-old model showed off an updated style known from the 60s.

Recently, hair styling trends have entered the public space with amazing speed. Moreover, they do not replace each other, but create a wide palette of modern images. For example, the famous model and Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber showed the other day how to beautifully style hair in the style of the 60's. When women preferred high hairstyles, creating them with a lush fleece. On the big screen, this form was made famous by actress Brigitte Bardot, and on the catwalk by British model Twiggy. Lush hair gives a woman glamor and gives the impression of thick, voluminous hair. So, let's find out how you can achieve a style like Kaia Gerber's.

Photo source: social networks

The American model shared a new image on social networks, publishing pictures from a photo shoot for the electronic magazine "". To create her hairstyle you need long hair, a hair dryer with a round volumizing attachment and a massage comb or a regular one. The ends of the hair should be neatly trimmed, the hair itself washed and then you can start styling. Dry them with a hair dryer, twisting outward in large curls. To create volume at the top of the head, lift the hair from above, make a few movements with a comb back and forth and fix their standing position with hairspray.

Photo source: social networks

Then we tidy up this part of the head. We flatten the fleece and make it smoother. The lower strands are straightened to create volume. Then, according to our taste, we can leave them in a slightly untidy state, or we can lay them hair to hair in the form of a kind of roll. At this stage, do not forget to use hairspray. It will help you to keep your work for a long time. Gerber now "uses" this hairstyle not only for photo shoots. She also appeared in a similar picture at the Soho House Awards in New York on September 7.