, author: Ermakova M.

Dangerous delicacy: 7 foods that are best not to be abused

According to the law of meanness, the food that many of us like is extremely unhealthy and insidious...

Thanks to many products, eating becomes a less expensive procedure - there is no need to cook, and the feeling of fullness comes quickly. But these products are fraught with more than one danger...


Food seasoned with mayonnaise or ketchup worsens the condition of blood vessels, making them less flexible and clogging them with cholesterol. The consequences of an addiction to store-bought sauces (which actually contain a minimum of tomatoes and other natural ingredients) can be very sad - atherosclerosis, hypertension...

Crackers, chips

Once you open a bag of chips or crackers, it’s impossible to stop... This is due to the high content of salt and flavor enhancers in them. There are practically no real potatoes in chips - they are based on flour or starch. And the tastes and aromas of chips/crackers are not given by real cheese or onions, but by flavorings, the use of which is not only addictive, but also provokes gastrointestinal diseases.

Canned food

They do not contain the same vitamins and nutrients that fresh vegetables, fish or meat are rich in, but they do contain a huge amount of food additives and salt. Therefore, canned food does not provide any health benefits. Their frequent use is possible, perhaps, only in conditions of severe hunger and lack of other food.


Baby formula truffles

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Dark or bitter chocolate is not harmful, and even healthy, because it does not contain much sugar, but contains enough nutritious cocoa beans that stimulate brain activity and replenish energy. But all kinds of chocolate bars and candies are real sugar bombs, multiplying the huge amount of sugar that a person receives daily in their diet (even if they do not eat sweet foods).

White bread

The most popular representative of fast carbohydrate products. White bread is too high in calories; the body has to store excess calories in fat reserves, which leads to weight gain. Therefore, those who want to stay in good physical shape are not recommended to regularly eat white bread.

Fast food

All kinds of pizzas, burgers, French fries and nuggets are, of course, very tasty (the reason for this, again, is salt, sauces) and affordable (low price, long-lasting feeling of fullness after a meal), but not at all healthy. Such food contains monosodium glutamate E-621, the most common flavor enhancer. With its frequent use, a person ceases to feel full from ordinary food; it seems tasteless to him (since there are no enhancers in it). In addition, French fries and ingredients for burgers are cooked in large amounts of oil, therefore, the food loved by many is harmful to the figure.