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Taylor Swift confirms romance rumors with football player Travis Kelce

The 33-year-old Kansas City Chiefs athlete invited the singer to watch his team play the Chicago Bears.

Photo source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Taylor Swift's romance with American football player Travis Kelce is taking shape. Several weeks of rumors that the athlete has a great crush on the singer and would like her to become his girlfriend were confirmed last Sunday. The singer of the hit “Lavender Haze” was spotted in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City during the game between Kelsey’s Kansas City Chiefs and the visiting Chicago Bears.

Travis Kelce

Photo source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Next to Taylor was the athlete’s mother, Donna Kelsey, they had a nice conversation and stood up together at the most crucial moments of the game. Later, after the end of the match, the paparazzi on duty found the singer and the football player leaving the stadium together.

Swift's appearance at Arrowhead was preceded by a short story. Travis publicly invited her to Sunday's game during a conversation with the host of The Pat McAfee Show podcast. “I saw you rocking the Arrowhead stage,” he said to Taylor. “And you can come and watch me rock the Arrowhead stage.” And the rest will see when it (the stage) was illuminated more.” And last night, Kelce kept his word, throwing a spectacular touchdown in the third quarter that ultimately led to a 41-10 Chiefs victory.