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, author: Ermakova M.

5 facial devices that can replace a trip to the salon

These portable devices can sharpen the shape of the face, reduce trips to the cosmetologist, and much more.

Photo source: 123rf.com

In 2023, professional facial skin care can be obtained not only in beauty salons, but also at home, and in most cases, smart devices will help not only with the quality of the skin with minimal time, but will also save a significant part of the budget. INC-News.ru correspondents have selected five portable beauty devices that are good to have in your daily cosmetic bag.

Japanese LED mask for phototherapy - LED MASK

Photo source: L&L Skin

This device affects the skin of the face using light of different wavelengths: blue, red, yellow and mixed. Depending on the wavelength, this or that effect on the skin occurs.

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, this mask should be used 3-4 times a week for at least a month to see the effect.

Steel Cryospheres, Laloo, The Face Only Shop

Photo source: Laloo

The main role in this beauty device is played by cold, the effects of which can improve microcirculation, relieve puffiness, relax facial muscles and increase skin elasticity.

The use of this device is very simple, you just need to cool the metal cryospheres for 30 minutes, and then use smooth movements to massage along the lines of the face.

However, with such a massage it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for the duration of exposure to cold, as there is a risk of chilling the nerves or causing inflammatory reactions.

Mini double chin massager GEZATONE amg617

According to the manufacturer, this device performs pleasant impulse actions on the selected area of the neck and chin, which, with regular exposure, help restore clear facial contouring and get rid of the double chin.

Microcurrent facial trainer Bear, FOREO

Photo source: FOREO

This cute little beauty device promises to restore skin elasticity, improve color, and all this through the influence of microcurrents - weak electrical discharges stimulate the facial muscles.

Using this device is simple - you need to apply the wire composition to the skin and move it along the massage lines of the face for three minutes.

Ultrasonic facial cleanser BORK D682

Photo source: BORK

Small ultrasonic vibrations “knock out” impurities and dead skin scales from the skin pores. In addition, ultrasonic waves warm up the layers of the skin and provide a light massage, thereby improving lymph outflow and blood supply.

Innovative methods of facial skin care at home can compete with salon procedures, however, before introducing one or another beauty gadget into your daily beauty rituals, you need to consult a doctor and carefully study all contraindications so that the devices act only for the good, and not vice versa .