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Lock up: what world stars forbid their children

Hollywood stars do not strive to indulge their children in everything and sometimes establish unexpected prohibitions for the younger generation.

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Hollywood residents are associated with wealth and a luxurious lifestyle. Because of this, most people think that their children have the most expensive things, they live like in a fairy tale and the rules do not apply to them. Permissiveness is widespread among celebrities, but there are also mothers who raise their offspring in Spartan conditions.

Jennifer Lopez and Sunday gadgets

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JLo has twins Emma and Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony. There is a strict rule in the lives of teenagers: they cannot use a tablet or play video games during the week. According to the singer, everyday life is meant for children to do their homework and prepare for school. Gadgets can only be received on Sunday, but a prerequisite will be to complete homework.

Megan Fox and television

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When it comes to watching TV, the American model and actress doesn't give her three sons much time. Children are only in front of the screen during family movie watching. "Movies have a beginning, a progression and an end. There's a clear story. But when you just sit a child in front of the TV, there's no end in sight," Megan says. At the same time, she is against her children having a mobile phone. "No computers, no cell phones. At least until they go to high school," the actress added.

Mila Kunis and Christmas gifts

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While some parents go overboard with Christmas gifts, Hollywood couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher don't give their children anything for Christmas. They believe that gifts spoil children and do not develop anything good in them. “We told our parents that if they want to give something to their grandchildren, they need to choose only one gift. Let the remaining money be donated to a children's hospital, charity, shelter, or some good cause. This is our new tradition,” Mila shared with reporters.

Madonna and underage dating

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One would think that, given the lifestyle and image that is inherent in the pop queen, her upbringing would be very friendly, but the opposite is true. Her daughter Lourdes was not allowed to date anyone until she was 18, a rule that applies to the singer's other children. In addition, Madonna admitted several times that there must be discipline in her family. “Late-night TV watching, junk food or clutter are unacceptable in my home,” the diva said sternly.

Julia Roberts and her own films

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Although the actress herself is constantly in the spotlight, she tries to keep her children away from Hollywood parties. She usually doesn't post photos of them on social media, and her children don't accompany her to the red carpet or other events. At the same time, Roberts does not want the heirs to spend too much time in front of the TV, and they are generally prohibited from watching films in which she starred.

Angelina Jolie and the search engines

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Brad Pitt said in an interview that he and Angelina Jolie wanted to protect their six children from the tabloids and false information that the media often spread about them, so they blocked the names of all family members from search engines on all computers. The children couldn't find them, so they didn't know anything about the hype around themselves.