, author: Ermakova M.

74-year-old fashion designer Vera Wang revealed the unusual secret of her y

It's very simple: fast food, cocktails and a lot of work.

Photo source: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Many believe that the famous fashion designer, 74-year-old Vera Wang, has secret knowledge that allows her to remain youthful and productive in her old age. “I eat McDonald's, hands down,” Wong told reporters at the DKMS gala in New York. “I order it every day, eat like this for two weeks, and then change my diet.”

The famous fast food chain is not the only one that is “respected” by the fashion designer, whose ancestors came to America from China. She is also not against Dunkin’ Donuts, whose donuts are famous throughout the country. “I like them with cream filling and sugar icing,” Vera said. – They look like jelly donuts, but inside they have cream, vanilla. And I also love pink ones with sprinkles.”

However, it’s not just Big Mags and donuts that fuel Wong. According to her, first of all, work allows her to stay in shape. “For the most part, I’ve worked all my life. So it's all about work. I guess work is what keeps you young and stimulates you. I work long hours and have raised two daughters. In my opinion, being busy is the best antidote to maintaining good health.”