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Humidifiers: how they work and what to look for when buying

Humidifiers, which have always been associated with health, continue to gain popularity, with many people choosing them to maintain their home and provide additional humidity that improves the environment.

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If we had to summarize in one sentence what the function of a humidifier is, we would say to make the environment healthier and more enjoyable. Humidifiers are designed to create or increase humidity in a room by evaporating water.

Why do you need a humidifier?

By evaporating water from their reservoirs, humidifiers make the indoor atmosphere healthier and eliminate problems that can sometimes arise due to temperature changes, inability to open windows, rising temperatures, dryness from heating, etc.

Increased humidity has been linked to improved human health, with proven effects on the respiratory tract and skin, in addition to reducing the chances of getting sick. Humidifiers can also be used for other purposes that are more focused on physical and mental well-being, such as greater calm and relaxation.

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The health effects of humidifiers

Usually the reasons for purchasing a humidifier are health related. The first thing that is achieved is a reduction in dryness in some areas and the breathing problems that this can cause, such as a dry throat, a feeling of dehydration, an increased likelihood of viruses getting into the mouth, throat and nose...

Increased indoor humidity limits the circulation of microbes, which have greater difficulty traveling through the air due to the vapor load in the air, resulting in a significantly reduced chance of contracting viruses and diseases.

When combined with some type of HEPA filter, these humidifiers can also help significantly reduce indoor allergens. And if you suffer from this problem, dry eyes and dry airways will be greatly reduced. The relief in breathing will be noticeable.

These devices reduce the feeling of dry skin and have been proven to be effective in treating skin problems associated with this condition and the benefits they bring to people.

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By avoiding a dry throat and nose, some people improve their breathing during sleep and reduce snoring and other unpleasant sensations.

But perhaps the most important aspect is that humidifiers can serve to optimize treatment and recovery from certain diseases. Colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, mucus... People suffering from these very common problems are finding help in overcoming them and reducing recovery time.

What types of humidifiers are there?

Cool mist humidifiers use an ultrasonic system to evaporate water, which is distributed throughout the room. Due to the fact that they operate similarly to aroma diffusers, one of their main advantages over other models is that they do not release heat into the room without evaporating water through a thermal system. In addition, it also makes the vapor softer and easier to absorb through the respiratory tract.

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Hot mist humidifiers use a more classic system and heat water to evaporate it. These humidifiers are a bit outdated but are still used medically. In addition, warm steam is pleasant in winter.

Humidifiers with additional functions. There are also humidifiers that come with aroma diffusers. Not only do they release steam, but they also help freshen up the room using aromatherapy oils, which are also available for purchase, and fill the room with aroma. Their main purpose is to transform spaces into more pleasant places, help you relax, and in some cases, hide other odors.

There are also humidifiers that come with an ionizer as standard, which are said to emit negative ions to kill germs, any existing pollutants, and are generally used to purify indoor air to make it healthier. Although there is some disagreement about these models.

Finally, there are high-quality air purifiers that also have a humidifier function. These purifiers absorb air and, after passing it through various filters, usually HEPA and activated carbon, return it clean and odorless.

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How does a humidifier work?

Like most household appliances, using a humidifier today is extremely easy. In almost all cases, it is enough to fill the water tank and turn it on. The power at which they will operate can be adjusted depending on current needs.

While most modern ones will shut down immediately if they run out of water, there are some models where care must be taken to ensure they do not continue to operate or, in some cases, cause an accident when they run out of water. You should pay attention to this point when purchasing.

One factor to consider is the type of water used. Depending on the model, it is usually recommended to use distilled or regular water. Typically, hot mist humidifiers use plain water, while cool mist humidifiers require distilled water. The instructions indicate this information, and this should be taken into account so that the use of the humidifier does not become harmful to health.

The water should be changed every time you turn on the humidifier.

Finally, although these are very safe devices, it is advisable that their use be supervised. That is, it is better for problematic elderly people and children not to use them alone, or in the case of small children, the humidifier should be kept out of their reach. The same can be said about pets.