, author: Ermakova M.

"Black manicure theory" has taken over TikTok

The discussion was a continuation of the “red manicure theory” that was popular a year ago.

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In the field of nail art, red, white and black are the colors from which trends are constantly assigned or current combinations are made. Last fall, social networks, and TikTok in particular, were captured by the “red manicure theory.” This year, “mood girls” have regained their strength and confidence by promoting the “black manicure theory.” Let's figure out what this means.

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What is the new trend?

The “black manicure theory” caused quite a stir on Chinese social media, capturing the attention of many users and becoming a fall trend. Its apologists claim that shiny black nails can have a certain effect on the feeling of confidence and general behavior of the owner of such a manicure. Allegedly, they have the unique ability to emit a strong and captivating “dark energy,” distinguishing the owner from the general background and allowing her to make a lasting impression on others in any situation.

And “viewers,” according to experts, are attracted by the flair of eccentricity and mystery in a situation with a black manicure. According to the theory, such nails are associated with courage, directness and understatement. The "Gothic" aesthetic is believed to tap into a deep well of inner strength and self-identity, allowing people to demonstrate their true selves and project knowledge of themselves into the outer world.

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How does the “black manicure theory” differ from the “red manicure” theory?

Red manicure is designed primarily to attract the attention of men. It’s not surprising, but according to TikTok followers, it evokes in the stronger sex memories of the women who took care of them in childhood. Black manicure, as already mentioned, is about something else - about women’s trust in themselves and gender identification, speaking in general. To put it simply, with dark nails, any representative of the fair sex will gain her own importance, feel excitement and discover the abyss of sexuality in herself :-).