, author: Ermakova M.

Royals' Favorite Bags: Princess Diana's Classics

In this review, let's remember four bags of the British princess that have become accessory classics.

Photo source: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Princess Diana still remains, without exaggeration, a style icon among members of the British royal family. At least, that’s how it is perceived by those who like to dress beautifully. But in this review, we will remember not her bright images in clothes, but the bags, without which the princess preferred not to appear in public. Some of them can still be seen among royalty.

Gucci bag – “Gucci Diana”

Photo source: Mirrorpix/Aflo

Diana acquired the signature accessory with a bamboo handle in 1991 and at first was practically inseparable from it. One day she was photographed leaving the gym with this bag. In 2021, the then creative director of the brand, Alessandro Michele, creatively transformed the model and gave it the official name “Gucci Diana”.

Dior bag – “Lady Dior”

Photo source: Tim Gram/Getty Images

In 1995, the then first lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, gave the princess a Dior Chouche bag. The graceful shape, stylish stitching on the leather and the miniature charm of D won not only the heart of Diana, but also many fashionistas. In turn, the French house decided to pay tribute to the famous owner of the bag and in 1996 renamed the accessory “Lady Dior”.

Ferragamo bag – “Diana Clutch”

Photo source: Tim Gram/Getty Images

The Italian fashion house made a small bag on a chain especially for the princess and in several colors at once in 1990. Diana loved to match it to her clothes. By the way, the black clutch that she took with her to the famous “revenge dress” after her divorce from Prince Charles was also made at Ferragamo.

Tod's Bag - "Bag Under Dee's Eyes"

Photo source: Antony Jones/Getty Images

Another bag that Diana could show up with on the way out after training was the Dee-Eye from Tod’s. It was released for sale in 1997, shortly before the death of the princess. After this, the bag was renamed D-Bag. And the re-release of 2013 was called D-Eye. This model is now available in several versions.