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This winter's haircuts: become the best version of yourself

Italian Vogue gave recommendations that it would be a shame not to take advantage of.

Photo source: freepik.com

An expressive haircut works wonders - it raises self-esteem and allows you to show your character through your appearance. The goal of this season is not to scare others with radical transformations, but to emphasize naturalness. Instead of sensational effects, salons suggest focusing in winter on small changes aimed at improving what is there. The cutting technique and individual “cut” will allow you to maneuver between fragility and strength, day and evening, creativity and classics.

Short hair

Photo source: Schwarzkopf Professional

Hairstyles with round, soft shapes. For example, the bowl-shaped ones from the 60s with smooth lines, emphasized by strands and layers. Schwarzkopf Professional offers them with jagged and jagged edges in an urban style. Evos Parrucchieri focuses on the Clush Cut, a deconstructed style with an eye-catching dandy silhouette - narrow at the sides and at the back of the head. Rockabilly style styling gives an additional highlight - the hair is dried and thrown back.

Photo source: Evos

Medium length hair

Photo source: Bellezza

The layered wave glides over the neck, creating movement and framing the face. The same oval shape that we see on short haircuts is also present in various variations of the bob on medium-length hair. “Bob always remains geometric. In the new season, it is rich and clear, creating the feeling of thick hair. The “wave” effect visually enhances the hair, emphasizing its shine and movement, thanks to the combination of different textures,” explain Alessandro Galetti and Joe Capelli, creative directors of Art Hair Studios, a partner of Wella Professionals.

Photo source: Evos

Long hair

Photo source: Jean Louis David

Styling will give owners of long curls freedom and generous texture. To do this, the hair is cut and styled in layers, in the same manner as shorter hair. If structure and you are incompatible concepts, let out your bangs, but so as to leave your eyebrows open. Or twist an XXL bun, which, again, if desired, can be transformed into curtain bangs, emphasizing the eyes and cheekbones. Light waves will “invigorate” your hair and make it look careless, as if you have just returned from a boat trip. Those who love full hair can style just the ends of their hair to “play” with their line.

Photo source: Wella