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Thinness is not flattering: celebrities who regretted the extra pounds

Sometimes the “diet” regime goes too far and problems begin.

Photo source: Katja Ogrin/Getty Images

Weight loss is a never-ending topic of conversation in Hollywood, as it affects most of its inhabitants. However, some stars go too far in their desire to look slim and young and then regret the lost kilograms. In this review we present the stories of those who believe that they have “played too much.”

Sharon Osbourne

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The permanent wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne has spent her entire adult life struggling with her own body type, which tends to be overweight. At one time, in the 80-90s, her weight really went off scale and she was even diagnosed as obese. But then the music manager and television star took charge of herself and stayed in good shape for quite a long time, consistent with her age and lifestyle. When some time ago an epidemic of weight loss using the drug for diabetics Ozempic began in Hollywood, Sharon realized that either now or never, she would try to get closer to her ideal of a slender, graceful nymph. In just two months, 71-year-old Osborne lost 20 kilograms and practically stopped recognizing herself in the mirror. Even her husband began to worry about her health. “He was afraid that something would happen to me,” Sharon told the Club Random podcast. “He says, ‘You’ve become so thin that something might happen. He's always thinking about the other side of the coin, you know, in the sense that it's too good to be true."

Amanda Seyfried

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At the beginning of her career, the star of “Mamma MIA!” did not escape the pressure to lose weight. “I used to look better... I had big breasts, and then I came to Hollywood and thought: “I need to lose weight.” I need to look lean and fit,” and I lost some weight. About 10 kilograms, but that’s a lot for my small height... When I talk about large breasts, I mean that they were size D,” Amanda noted. – And what happened to her when I lost weight? Everything disappeared and, moreover, not where it was needed.” Fortunately, after the birth of two children, Seyfried was able to get back into shape and is now done losing weight.

Busy Philipps

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The Dawson's Creek contestant admitted that at the age of 20 she tried the Hot Dog Diet. The result was promised to be fantastic - 4.5 kilograms per week. Nowadays, Busy says, she would never buy into such nonsense: “I guess you can only believe it in your teens or in your early 20s because you dream of quick results.”

Now, at 44, the actress has reconsidered her priorities and believes that lifestyle is the cornerstone in maintaining physical fitness. “Even on the playground. You can sit on a bench and scroll through social networks, and I understand parents - they need rest. But you can also run and climb, you can bring a ball and play soccer with the kids or do something like that,” she explained.