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Taylor Swift's rep denies rumors of her wedding to Joe Alwyn

Rumors have been circulating on social networks for several months that the former partners managed to get married shortly before breaking up.

Photo source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Singer Taylor Swift did not marry actor Joe Alwyn, her representative Tree Payne said. Thus, he denied rumors on social networks that Swift and Alwyn managed to commit themselves during the affair. The couple had a romantic relationship for six years.

Celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi recently posted a message that the ceremony supposedly took place in 2020 or 2021. and was described by several eyewitnesses as "marriage". True, according to the author, the union of Swift and Alvin was never legalized. Payne, for his part, took to Twitter to comment: “There has NEVER been a marriage or ceremony of this nature. You'd have to be crazy to write something like that. It's time to take responsibility for the pain and trauma you cause with posts like this."

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Such a frank statement by Payne caused surprise among the singer’s fans. Typically, her press secretary does not comment on rumors. Taylor is a renowned master of making people talk about themselves through songs. Even her breakup with Alvin at the beginning of the year was ignored by both herself and her camp. However, after Payne’s statement, Deuxmoi apologized to the artist on social networks.

Interest in Swift and Alwyn's burnt-out romance arose this week due to the release of the song "You're Losing Me" on one of the streaming services, which served as a signal for their breakup. Fans believe that the composition sheds light on the fading of feelings, it talks about a person losing interest in his loved one. The same idea is contained in the title of the track.

However, Taylor's constant creative partner, composer and producer Jack Antonoff, clarified the story of the creation of this song. According to him, it was written in December 2021 - more than a year before the couple separated. However, the singer's fans continue to reproach Joe for allowing Taylor to leave. In fact, this led to Deuxmoi's post about their wedding, as well as several comments in support of Alvin.

Swift herself continues to remain silent: she is writing songs and dating her new boyfriend, American football player from the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce.