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Anne Hathaway spoke about her most unusual wedding anniversary

On their 9th anniversary of marriage, she invited her husband, Adam Shulman, to attend a master class... on making sauerkraut.

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Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman don't always see eye to eye when it comes to dating. In a conversation with the TV program Live with Kelly and Mark, the 41-year-old actress spoke about an incident that can be described as “never again.”

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Hathaway and Shulman got married in 2012 and since then they have been trying to celebrate their marital anniversaries differently each time. In 2021, on the eve of the significant date, they planned a vacation for two in a luxury spa hotel. But when we got there, events suddenly took a “crunchy” turn. The actress saw an advertisement at the reception about a master class on making sauerkraut and really wanted to attend it with her husband. “Why should we go there together?” Adam was amazed. “No, no, we’ll like it. This is a probiotic, and we can use it in the future,” Anne began to persuade him. “And he: “I’m going to skip and take a nap,” the actress added, then going to the master class alone. When her efforts were crowned with success, and she had chopped and salted a whole tray of cabbage according to the rules, she was told that she now had to ferment for four months.

“Happy anniversary to you! What is that smell? - Adam, who had had time to rest, told her upon his return. “This smell will accompany us for the next four weeks,” Anne answered him with a laugh.

Photo source: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

In a conversation with the TV show's hosts, Hathaway also revealed what her usual family evenings are like after she and Adam became parents to two boys. Now their sons, Jack and Jonathan, are seven and four years old, respectively. “Sometimes our evenings involve just sitting,” said the star of the comedy-drama “Come to Me Baby.” “When you have two little kids, you just sit and look at each other, knowing that you don’t even have to say anything, and that’s wonderful.”