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Princesses Kate and Charlotte: a turning point in the mother-daughter relat

Body language experts have seen changes in the worldview of the daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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Princess Charlotte is quickly becoming the most popular member of the British royal family. Gifts from her royal grandfather in the form of future titles, a funny nickname at school and unusual eating habits make the 8-year-old girl a regular subject of the news.

Last summer, Charlotte appeared alone for the first time, without her brothers George and Louis, at a sports match in Birmingham with her parents. And body language experts, who love to give comments to the British press about possible events occurring in the lives of members of the royal family, have rendered their verdict. According to them, daughter and mother, Princess Charlotte and Princess Catherine, have reached a turning point in their relationship.

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"Kate is making an effort to engage and inform Charlotte," expert Judy James explained to the Express. - She does this with very expressive gestures to increase her (Charlotte's) enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement about the sport they are watching. But judging by Charlotte's facial expressions and body language, Kate may soon become superfluous in this role and just sit in public because Charlotte appears to be the most engaged participant at royal events."

According to James, “There comes a point in the parent-child relationship when a sense of friendship grows out of parenting.” This turning point in Kate and Charlotte's relationship is positive, says expert. It refers to “a growing sense of pleasure in socializing with like-minded people” between a mother and an eight-year-old child.

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The way Kate communicates with Charlotte is designed to boost the little princess's sense of confidence, and she already has it, Judy explains. “Her eye contact with participants in sports is now less and less indicative of shyness. Her smile looks natural and relaxed, as if she is happily embracing whatever encounters come her way,” James concluded.