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Julia Roberts breaks her silence following the death of ex-boyfriend Perry

The actor died on October 28, the same day Julia Roberts celebrated her 56th birthday.

Photo source: Liaison/GettyImages

On Monday, December 4, Julia Roberts, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, expressed her sadness for the first time since the death of Matthew Perry, with whom she had a brief affair in the 90s. The actress emphasized how important it is to appreciate what you have and move forward.

"I have nothing but good feelings... A sudden death like this is always heartbreaking. I think it helps us all to just appreciate what we have and continue to move in a positive direction as best we can," she said.

Matthew Perry met Julia Roberts when she was offered a guest role in an episode of Friends. At the time, the actress only agreed to do it if she could be a part of Perry's story. The relationship between Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry lasted about three months. Perry's death occurred on the same day as Julia Roberts' 56th birthday.