, author: Plackhin A.

This winter's trend: brightly colored coats and coats

The purchase of such clothes, it would seem, is not dictated by necessity, but it is impossible to do without it.

In both life and fashion, there are absolute truths. But there are also exceptions, without which our existence would not be so interesting. Take, for example, outerwear this winter. Yes, fur coats, half fur coats, coats and half coats, down jackets of neutral colors - it's fine, you can combine with everything you have in your closet. But when it comes to the occasion that requires a non-standard approach and "shine", exceptions come to mind... in the form of bright, colored items of clothing, including outerwear.

It seems that no one especially needs coats of "electric" color or leopard print, but at the same time everyone needs them to emphasize individuality and be at the top when it is necessary. Moreover, judging by the collections of leading designers, atypical colors are the trend of this season.

Brightly colored outerwear is not only warm, but also fun, they say. Let's leave the boring classics for workdays, but on holidays you need to shine, and the same animal print will come in handy. There is no shortage of such models, just look at the collections of Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Annakiki, GCDS, Bottega Veneta and others.