, author: Ermakova M.

Trend for the coming year: “caramel” coloring

The caramel shade refreshes the complexion and the overall look.

Ash and silver blonde is a relic of the past. In 2024, “caramel” hair will come into fashion.

This is a warm, radiant blonde that looks expensive and status on any hair. Stylists specify that women with dark skin will suit shades of vanilla and burnt caramel. Those with white skin will suit cooler shades - milky, creme brulee.

As a rule, a soft shade of caramel cannot highlight dark eyes, because it will attract more attention to itself. But for girls with light eye shades it will be easier - any caramel hair coloring will make their look deeper.

It is noteworthy that for those girls who have naturally blonde hair, it will be easiest to change the color of their curls to caramel - this shade will easily “fall” on initially light strands. Dark-haired beauties will have to lighten their hair before dyeing, otherwise the color simply will not be noticeable on it. Red strands also need to be lightened - before turning into a caramel color, the red pigment must be removed from them, otherwise the new shade will not reveal its full depth on them