, author: Ermakova M.

Color, style: what to wear to celebrate the New Year 2024

Bright colors are suitable for celebrating the coming New Year, but do not forget about using them in moderation.

The year 2024 will pass under the sign of the Green Dragon. This mythical animal likes brightness and fun. Therefore, your image on New Year's Eve should be bright and memorable - then you will be able to attract the favor of the symbol of the year.

What to wear

gold dress

The following colors are relevant in 2024

- green (it matches the color of dragon skin and will attract wealth to your home)

- purple (the color of wisdom and inspiration, would be appropriate for a creative person who dreams of creating something special in the New Year)

- red (bright, bold, the color of fire. Will attract love and passion into your life)

- gold (the color of luxury and celebration - the Dragon will definitely appreciate your golden bow)

- black (color of dignity)

And it is better to avoid white color (for both women and men) - in the East, where all the four-legged symbols of the year come to us, it is the color of mourning and sadness.


Regardless of your holiday location, situation and company, the following options will be appropriate:

- plain floor-length dress (satin fabric, sequins/spangles are appropriate)

- wide skirts (layering is acceptable)

- blouses with voluminous sleeves/ruffles/lace - the more intricate the better

- tops

- classic suits

- overalls

It is important to consider that if your image consists of two parts (skirt/pants + blouse or top), then it is better for only one of them to be bright. For example, a gold top will look chic with a black skirt, while a green or purple bottom will draw attention to itself.

If you want to complement your look with jewelry, then use one of the following current options:

  • large hoop earrings;
  • massive bracelet;
  • gold ring with a dragon figurine;
  • sparkling necklace;
  • утонченная подвеска в виде восточного талисмана.

For men

Adherents of the traditional style can add a bright detail to their look in the form of a tie with a print, gold cufflinks, or a bright trouser belt. An oriental-style look can be completed with patterned trousers and a bright shirt.

When celebrating the New Year at home or visiting, you can wear a silk robe with oriental patterns - this is an acceptable option for a man’s “cozy” look for New Year’s Eve.