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Adele doesn't want to return to the UK

The 35-year-old singer gave a long interview to The Hollywood Reporter.

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For quite a long time, London-born singer Adele has been living with her son in Los Angeles, in a spacious house that once belonged to Sylvester Stallone. In a conversation with THR, the multiple Grammy Award winner spoke about American life and explained why - much to the disappointment of British fans - she is not going to her homeland. When asked about Los Angeles, Adele simply replied: “I love it. He still seems weird to me at times, but I love him because here in Los Angeles I'm on my own, which can feel weird. After all, everyone who has not been to Los Angeles is convinced of the opposite.”

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She further explained that for every square meter of Los Angeles there are more celebrities than any other city in the world. Therefore, she manages to avoid unnecessary attention, which London cannot do. “There are so many famous people here that they (fans) are not wasting their time. Because if I see that I'm being followed, I'll change my schedule and leave Palm Springs and then come back. I wouldn't say it might be crazy, but I just have 20 minutes wherever I am. “Is this Adele?”, by the time they realize that it is, I will already be gone. So here I’m just deprived of it.”

At the same time, Adele calls herself a “very British” person, but another important argument in favor of Los Angeles has finally captivated her soul. It's all about... the weather. California has a lot of sunny days a year, much more than in Foggy Albion. She doesn’t want to return there because of seasonal depression, which makes it “difficult” for her to even leave her London home.

“I actually have serious seasonal depression, so I enjoy the weather here... And what I like most about Los Angeles is that everyone goes to visit each other. “I like it,” says the artist. “Here I actually made friends with a lot of great guys.” I don't think it's a whole group. I don't want to have many celebrity friends - okay, just celebrities. And (my friends) are really from Los Angeles, although before I moved here, I had never met anyone who was from Los Angeles. They are not celebrities and they are beautiful. And having a school-aged son, I made some great mother friends. And that's great."

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In the interview, Adele also spoke about her son Angelo’s active involvement in school life. “I had a little success. His school is involved in so many activities and there is such a community atmosphere, it's fantastic. The kids don't care. The kids don't care at all that I'm famous. I feel confident, but I get nervous around a lot of adults and strangers. Therefore, preparing food for school events is my dream,” the singer added with a smile, admitting that she once managed to cook 60 chicken kebabs for children with her own hands.