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Good luck charms: say goodbye to bad moods and recharge your batteries

17 good luck charms you should have at home to avoid bad omens.

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Did you know that there are amulets that help attract success, money and even happiness? Believe it or not, there are good luck items or charms that can help you channel positive energy and bring good luck into your home. Many of them you can easily add to your decor so that they not only decorate your home, but also help create harmony, protecting against bad energy.

1. Horseshoes.

This is one of the most ancient talismans for good luck. Having horseshoes at home will help you gain good luck and even end conflicts. Depending on the position of the tips, their benefits may vary: if the horseshoe is upside down, it will provide you with protection; if it points upward, it will bring good luck.

Elephant figurine on the desk.

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2. A figurine of an elephant with a raised trunk.

If there is one of the most sought after good luck charms, it is the elephant talisman. For what reason? They are said to symbolize strength, wisdom and success. In many cultures, it is believed that an amulet depicting this sacred animal can grant wishes and protect the family. Incorporate this charm into your home decor with various pieces of art, decorations featuring these giants as the main characters, or simply figurines of an elephant with its trunk raised, and you will succeed in attracting good cheer.

Dream catchers.

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3. Dream catchers.

If you want to get rid of bad feelings, another amulets that can be very useful for you are dream catchers. Coming from American Indian traditions, dream catchers have become one of the favorite symbols when it comes to protecting the quality of your sleep. It is recommended to place one above the head of the bed to make your dreams longer, happier and free from nightmares.

4. Crystals.

Did you know that crystals are also good luck enhancers? In fact, you can use them in different formats - natural, polished or carved - to be able to harness their magical powers according to Feng Shui. An example is alexandrites, which captivate with their green, blue, red and purple colors and can change hue depending on the light. We suggest placing it at home to attract good luck.

Natural gemstone.

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5. Bamboo.

Lucky bamboo, also known as Dracaena sanderiana, is known to bring prosperity to your home. This plant may not have been intended as a talisman per se, but this plant not only has the ability to attract good luck, but also works very well as a decorative item for your home.

6. Feng Shui coins.

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that aims to bring balance and harmony to a person's life. For this reason, it emphasizes not only the importance of furniture placement, but also the power that amulets have when it comes to creating a home free of bad energies. Feng Shui coins are replicas of coins used in China and feature a round shape with a small square cutout in the center.

One way to use them to bring about the luck and harmony you desire in your home is to place them under your front door rug.

7. Himalayan bowls.

Himalayan bowls not only create a soothing melody, but also provide great benefits to your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Ears of wheat.

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8. Ears of wheat.

Another decorative ritual you can follow to attract good luck is to decorate your home with ears of wheat. It is known that following this tradition can help you attract positive energy into your home. In addition, it is a beautiful decorative element that fits perfectly into most interiors, bringing warmth and harmony to them. Whether you want to create beautiful bouquets and decorate the entrance to your home, or you decide to create decorative wreaths, ears of wheat can be your allies in attracting good luck this year.

9. Decorate with stones.

Believe it or not, stones, like ears of wheat, are credited with the ability to attract good luck. Moreover, they can be adapted to any type of decorative element and decorate a variety of places depending on their size. A few beautiful, well-chosen and properly washed stones can even decorate guests' plates or serve as candle stands.

10. Mirrors.

These elements, in addition to being decorative, can also help neutralize any negative aspects the space may have. Just place them in strategic places to enhance positive energy and say goodbye to troubles.

Oak acorns.

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11. Oak acorns.

Attract prosperity with acorns: an amulet that was used in ancient times as a symbol of protection from adversity. Oak acorns are said to be best used in magical rituals because they come from a tree that represents perseverance and perseverance.

12. Attach a bell.

As we have seen with Himalayan bowls, bells are also instruments that produce a harmonious sound that balances vibrations and drives away bad energy from your home. Even the resonance their sound causes is said to attract angels.

Четырехлистный клевер.

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13. Four-leaf clover.

We may have come across one of the oldest and most popular good luck items. It is said that the first leaf of a four-leaf clover is for hope, the second for faith, the third for charity, and the fourth for good luck. That being said, if you find a four-leaf clover, it can be a sign of good opportunity and good luck.

14. Rice grains.

It may be simple superstition, but many cultures ascribe great benefits to rice grains as they bring good luck. It is said that if you store rice in two glass containers and accompany it with two green candles, you can invite abundance and prevent prying eyes from draining your energy.

15. Carnation.

Cloves are also said to make a powerful amulet that wards off bad energy and also attracts good luck, love and health. To get the most out of it, it's a good idea to wrap a few carnations in a white canvas, handkerchief or napkin and place them under your pillow before going to bed so you can find the answers you need in your dreams.

Owl figurine.

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16. Amulets in the form of an owl.

Owl-shaped amulets are usually used to evoke the qualities that the owl represents: wisdom, knowledge and common sense. This is another one of the most desirable amulets in Feng Shui.

17. Egyptian cross.

The Egyptian cross, also known as the Ankh, is one of the most famous sacred symbols of the culture of Ancient Egypt. Hieroglyph symbolizing life. It is believed that having this amulet at home can help you attract good luck, protect you from any energy that may interfere with your quality of life, and promote creativity and fertility.

Egyptian cross Ankh.

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