, author: Ermakova M.

Pre-holiday relaxation: top ways to relax after a hard year

Shortly before the onset of a new stage of life, it will not be superfluous to take time for yourself, take care of your comfort and good mood.

At the end of the year, fatigue is especially acute. To end the year with good memories, you need to try to relieve stress. How? Here are some ways:


Regular yoga practice reduces anxiety and helps you master the skill of bodily relaxation. But occasional use of certain yoga poses also has a positive effect. There are even asanas that will help you get into the New Year’s mood. One of these is the “Christmas tree”. It makes the body more flexible and helps you learn to maintain balance.

Stand up straight. Bend your left leg at the knee and turn it so that your foot touches the inside of your right thigh. Raise your outstretched arms and bring them together above your head. Maintain your balance in this position for as long as you can.


Someone may notice that winter walks, unlike summer ones, are not as comfortable, but even in winter you can have fun spending time in the fresh air. Do what you like: skiing, play in the snow with your child/friends, your other half, just walk along the evening streets, many of which are already “dressed” in New Year’s lights and are full of elegant Christmas trees...

Warm bath

Relaxing bath.

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Take some time to enjoy a sea salt or fragrant bubble bath. This is not so much “about hygiene” as “about the atmosphere”. You can light scented candles and/or turn on your favorite music, or you can simply immerse yourself in the beauty rituals that many women love - apply a mask to your face or hair, do a self-massage of the face, take care of your skin with a scrub or body cream... All this is relaxing , drives away negative thoughts and gives confidence in your own irresistibility.


Deep sleep.

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Yes, yes, if you get a good night’s sleep, the tension (even accumulated over a year) will go away. Provide yourself with a pleasant atmosphere and peace before bed. Draw the curtains tightly so that the glare of streetlights or the first rays of dawn do not interfere with your enjoyment of your dreams. Make your bed with fresh linens. Wear your favorite pajamas and use a sleep mask if necessary. Think about something pleasant before you set off on a journey through the kingdom of Morpheus. For example, about what useful or unusual things you have done this year - such a summing up will lift your spirits and make you proud of yourself, and “on a wave of positivity” it will be easier to fall asleep.