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New Year's stress: 3 ways to relieve it

Waiting for the holidays sometimes brings more than just joy. Fight negative emotions and tune in for the best New Year ever.

Yes, the period before and after the New Year is stressful for many people, surprisingly enough. Well, in fact: efforts to organize the holiday, the process of choosing gifts, thinking about leisure time takes a lot of energy and nerves. To enter the new year with a good mood and easy thoughts, you can use these recommendations of experts:

Don't have inflated expectations

Christmas decor.

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Psychologist Elena Turoni advises against rigid holiday planning. "It's important to be gentle with yourself and abandon any rigid ideas of what Christmas 'should' be," she says. Allow events to happen without juxtaposing them against your plan.

Turoni also suggests delegating some of the tasks involved in preparing for the holiday to someone else. Ask loved ones to help you chop salads, involve your child or other half in decorating the tree ..... Don't try to do it all by yourself.

Anti-Stress Breathing

Longevity expert Alka Patel recommends it. She believes that a certain rhythm and depth of breathing can help you get rid of anxiety:

"Slow down your breathing to six breaths per minute (inhale for four seconds and exhale for six seconds to get the right rhythm). This activates the parasympathetic, calming nervous system and deactivates the sympathetic, stressful nervous system," says the doctor.

Time for yourself

Nutritionist Farzana Nasser reminded about the need to give yourself at least a few minutes a day. Preferably do it in the morning to energize yourself with positive energy at the start of the day.

"Develop a 15-minute self-care ritual to start and end your day. This could be making your favorite drink, taking a shower, taking care of your skin - anything you particularly enjoy.

In addition, the expert recommends making a daily list of things you need to do today. This helps to put your thoughts in order and is not time-consuming.

Meet the New Year and Christmas with a light heart and bright hopes!