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Wakesurfing trip: where to wakesurf in winter

Wakesurfing is attracting more and more fans. We will tell you how this fascinating sport appeared, its advantages, and where you can go wakeboarding in the winter months.

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Wakesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports. Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are the result of the evolution of surfing. Surfers are pulled into the water by a motorized boat using a rope similar to a water ski rope. This time, though, they are surfing on fictional waves.

The peculiarity of wakesurfing is that it is rarely held in the open sea, but in areas with calm water. That's why they need a special boat, which, dragging them along, creates a trail that simulates a big wave. In fact, wakesurfing can be practiced both at sea and on rivers or lakes; but this does not prevent you from getting adrenaline and thrills from riding. Let's tell you how wakesurfing appeared and where you can go wakeboarding in winter.


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The history of the emergence of wakesurfing.

In fact, the starting point of wakesurfing is scurfing. Although the first boards in this discipline, very similar to surfboards, did not have ties. Ties - in the form of boots similar to those used in snowboarding - would appear later, when it became necessary to make it easier for riders to perform more complex movements. In addition, the first skurf boards had the disadvantage of being highly buoyant, making it difficult to get out of the water.

With the invention of wakeboarding, boards became more specialized and adaptable. In addition, riders can jump over the tracks left by the boats towing them because they are also improving.

In this discipline, the participants are all the time holding on to the rope that connects them to the boat. But a fan of this water sport came up with the idea of letting go of the rope at some point during the training. That's when wakesurfing comes on the scene.

However, because primitive materials were used at the time, riders could not let go of the rope for longer than a few seconds. But after the production of special wakeboard and wakesurfing boards, smaller and more durable, and specialized boats, their popularity worldwide has increased manifold.

This type of surfing now has the necessary resources for users to surf with complete freedom. This is due to the fact that modern boats are designed with a special ballast system that allows them to surf with complete freedom.


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Reasons to try this water sport.

In fact, there are endless reasons to start wakesurfing, let's just mention the most relevant ones.

1. Wakesurfing is considered a low-impact water sport, unlike wakeboarding, which requires physical strength and extensive pre-training. Surfing on a boat is much less demanding on the user's physical condition and less dangerous; making it more accessible to all comers.

2. Wakesurfing can be practiced from toddlers to adults, regardless of their physical condition or experience. Without a doubt, it is a very accessible way to experience the universe of surfing for the first time. It allows us to learn how to keep balance on the board, perform turns, jumps of different sizes, easily and safely acquire our own surfing style.

3. As an adventure sport, it provides a thrill. It can even be a relaxing sport despite the accompanying speed, maneuvering and movement.

4. In addition, through constant practice, you can go from riding waves recreated by the trail to performing maneuvers that are true juggling pirouettes.

5. It is a good discipline to keep in shape and practice your surfing skills when you are away from the coastal area but near an area with plenty of water.


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Places where you can go wakeboarding in winter.
Dubai (UAE) is a paradise for wakesurfing.

There are more than seven companies offering wakesurfing in Dubai. Take in the breathtaking views of the JBR and Dubai Eye and enjoy your favorite activity! Whether you're a beginner or a professional water sports enthusiast, wakeboard under the guidance of Ultimate Wake Dubai's experienced instructors. Here, fully equipped Moomba boats with a capacity of 5 people and state-of-the-art equipment are used to help you reach your true potential.

Location plays a key role, you will definitely not be disappointed with wakeboarding in Dubai Marina. Many consider it the best place in the world because of the mesmerizing views, crystal clear water and warm temperatures.

Thailand. Dok Krai Lake Wakeboarding Camp.

Since 1999, this is the best place in Thailand for wakeboarding and vacationing! The tropical resort is located on the shores of Thailand's largest lake - it is 11 kilometers long. Enjoy your vacation, relax and energize away from the hustle and bustle. The camp specializes in wakeboarding. Professional multilingual instructors will provide excellent training.


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Bora Bora.

It's simply a tropical paradise with crazy turquoise blue water rising from the ocean to the sky. Bora Bora Xtrem Sport offers a variety of water sports, including wakesurfing. A dream come true. In the crystal clear waters of Bora Island, enjoy a moment on a wakeboard. Adrenaline and incredible sensations are guaranteed. Let yourself have an experience you will never forget!

Wake surfing in Bora Bora.

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Maafushi, Maldives.

Get an adrenaline boost during your stay in Maldives by booking a water sports package in Maafushi. Whether you have experience or not, head into the water to experience the thrill of gliding through the waves. Experienced instructors are on hand to help you fully enjoy your wake adventure. A 30-minute wakeboarding or water skiing trip in Maafushi costs around 60 US dollars.

Wakesurf, Maafushi

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Qatar, a paradise for water sports

Qatar is an ideal destination for water sports, as it is a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian Sea and enjoys sunny weather all year round. During the winter season, when the average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, beaches with crystal clear waters, water parks and marinas invite you to try new activities and experiences.

For an adrenaline rush, try wakeboarding, wakesurfing or water skiing in the waters of Doha. Classes include all gear, safety equipment, and a professional driver and instructor. Code Wake offers high quality wakeboarding boards for all ages. Code Wake also offers classes for women only.

Wake surfing in Doha.

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