, author: Ermakova M.

Safety First: 5 Unwanted New Year's Gifts for Children

Such a joyful and pleasant task as choosing a gift for a child usually does not cause difficulties for adults, but there are points that need to be taken into account.

Children especially love the New Year and always prepare for this holiday with trepidation. Bright lights on the Christmas tree, anticipation of the visit of Santa Claus, many gifts... - you cannot be indifferent to all this.

Perhaps, the only thing that can overshadow the holiday are unsuccessful gifts - those the use of which can result in health problems for the child:

Construction sets with magnetic balls

ball bearings stacked in triangle formation

The small details of this construction set sparkle beautifully and attract the attention of a child of any age. “Eliminating the consequences of swallowing one such magnetic ball is a fairly simple task to solve. But if two or more balls are swallowed, the difficulty of removal and the danger to the child’s life increases many times over,” warns pediatrician Olga Tatarkina. She clarifies that magnetic balls, being attracted to each other, damage the walls of the stomach and intestines.

Propeller toys

Blue and white helicopter

Children really like all kinds of helicopters and mythical creatures with wings. However, such a gift can injure a child if he places his hand or face under the falling toy at the wrong time.

Toy weapons

plastic toy

This refers to all kinds of knives, swords, pistols with bullets and caps, which are often given to boys, wanting to emphasize the emerging male character. Contact with such weapons in the eyes and face during play can cause quite serious injury to a child.

Toys with batteries

Car model with batteries

They are just as dangerous as magnetic structures - if a battery is accidentally swallowed, a child runs the risk of choking or suffocating. In addition, batteries, once in the gastrointestinal tract, will burn the mucous membranes of organs, which are especially tender in children.



These are small hydrogel balls that children like for their beautiful appearance (they are bright and translucent) and their ability to increase in volume when wet. They are not recommended to be given to children. Because orbiz are somewhat candy-like in appearance, they can be swallowed by curious little ones.

May the New Year bring only joy!