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Christmas tree, light up: choosing a New Year's garland

The New Year is just around the corner, and it's time to create a magical atmosphere at home.

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At Christmas and New Year, lights create a festive mood, and a garland on a Christmas tree is simply necessary, because it emphasizes the shape of the forest beauty and all its decoration. We'll tell you how to choose the best garland.

Types of Christmas garlands for the Christmas tree

There are different types of Christmas tree lights, which can be classified into different categories, from the color of the lights to the number of LEDs included. It is important, first of all, to clearly understand whether it will be used indoors or outdoors, since depending on this they will have different finishes.

In addition, Christmas tree lights can also be classified according to the color or temperature of the light: they are available in cool white, warm white and multi-colored colors and can include a programmer allowing you to choose how you want your tree to light up (lights in a fixed position or flashing).

Another typology of Christmas tree lights is their length. It will depend on the size of the tree itself on which you plan to place the garland.

Christmas garland size

The garland should cover the entire tree from top to bottom, surrounding it (that is, the diameter of the tree must also be taken into account). Only if the tree is glued to the wall or is in a corner, you can position the garland so that it covers only the visible part of it.

To determine the ideal length for your tree, you can use a little trick: take a rope and distribute it on the tree as if it were a garland. Then take a measurement, which will serve as a guide for determining the length of the garland.

Christmas tree.

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Choosing the color of the garland

Cool white, warm white or multi-colored. The choice of one or another garland will depend on the effect you want to achieve and the decor in which you want to decorate your Christmas tree.

A garland of white light has a white-bluish tint, like snow and ice. It's perfect for Christmas trees decorated in white, blue and gray with silver and crystal accents.

New Year.

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Garlands with warm white lights tend towards yellow. They fit into any style, from the most traditional Christmas tree decorations (green, red and gold) to natural ones made of wood and modern ones made of crystal and gold leaf.

The most cheerful and cheerful Christmas trees are illuminated with multi-colored garlands consisting of mini-light bulbs of different colors. If your Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments of different colors and funny figures, this is your choice.

Christmas tree.

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General rules for purchasing garlands

We’ve decided on the choice of garland, let’s move on to purchasing. In the store, ask to turn on the garland to check its operation in different modes.

Then you need to check the safety of the garland: the reliability of the sockets and connections. There should be at least 1.5 meters from the plug to the nearest light bulb of the garland. The garland may also include spare light bulbs (not always).

When you get home, you don’t need to immediately plug in the garland: let it reach room temperature.

Electric garland on the Christmas tree.

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How to place a garland on a Christmas tree

It is best to place the garland first on the tree. We start “winding” from the bottom towards the top of the tree. If the garland is powered by batteries, they should be located close to the central trunk and out of sight.

Inhale the spirit of Christmas and New Year into your home and make the holiday unforgettable!

New Year.

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