, author: Ermakova M.

The Snow Maiden will be jealous: current hairstyles for the New Year 2024

This New Year's Eve, fashionistas have more room for imagination than ever in creating gorgeous hairstyles!

When choosing an outfit and makeup for the main night of the year, it is important not to forget about your hairstyle - this is an equally important part of the festive look, which will highlight the beauty of your hair. When choosing a hairstyle, you should take into account your face type, as well as the characteristics of your hair (long or short, straight or curly, brittle, etc.).

For long hair

This winter, all kinds of braids and ponytails are trending. They look especially impressive on long hair. You can braid many classic braids or make one, giving it volume by pulling out the strands (the Snow Maiden herself will envy such luxury!). You can also put your hair in a ponytail and tie it with beautiful elastic bands along its entire length so that its parts form a braid.

teenage girl in casual clothes

No less relevant is a high ponytail, the ends of which can be curled. The symbol of the coming year - the Dragon - is the owner of a chic tail, so he will approve of such a hairstyle.

The same ponytail can be divided into two parts, and, placing one on top of the other, once again thread the upper part of the ponytail through the elastic band. This will give your hair volume and look luxurious.

For medium length hair

Any curls will look wonderful on hair with tips that reach the level of your shoulder blades. Especially if, before creating them, you style your hair in a side parting. Neat buns are also a trend for the coming year!

Photo source: Harper's Bazaar/Dior

For short hair

Owners of short haircuts can make their look memorable thanks to stylish hair accessories - tiaras, headbands, fake flowers. If you are wearing a bob, try slightly curling the strands, leaving them loose - this will add femininity to the image and focus attention on the advantages of the face.

Christmas Woman Beauty

Deliberate negligence will look no less organic on a woman with such a haircut. After making the curls, go through them with a comb - this will make the curls more fluffy and natural - a great addition to the image of a rebel.

Any hair can attract even more admiring glances when choosing the right hairstyle. After all, beauty lies in the details. Be the queen of the holiday this New Year's Eve!