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The worst celebrity looks of 2023

Sometimes even the presence of personal stylists does not save you from “fashionable” mistakes.

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Recently, the famous and authoritative magazine in the fashion world Vogue issued its list of the best dressed stars of the outgoing year. It included Rihanna, Beyoncé, Tilda Swinton, Jacob Elordi, Maisie Williams, Taylor Russell and others. Well, it’s nice when the efforts of your stylists are appreciated, but it’s worse when they cause a backlash - ridicule, memes and outright condemnation. In this review, let's remember which famous people made a mistake this year in terms of fashion. Or maybe, on the contrary, he achieved his goal, depending on how you look at it.

Bianca Censori

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The Italian model married American rapper Kanye West in the midst of a scandal related to his anti-Semitic statements. The subsequent appearances in public in too revealing outfits, however, did not surprise anyone. Kanye influences the way each of his women dresses. Bianca's fashionable "self-expression" reached its peak in the summer in Italy, where she sported translucent clothes without underwear. In the end, the authorities of Venice forbade the couple to travel around the city by water taxi after they staged a real striptease on one of the boats, and then the author and inspirer of the “naked bows”, Censori West, distinguished himself.

Florence Pugh

Despite the recognition of her achievements in cinema, the 27-year-old actress cannot boast of it in terms of style. In February, she appeared at the London Film Critics Awards in a red dress, reminiscent of the early 2000s. Moreover, it was not the dress that caused criticism, but the large cowboy hat with which she accompanied her evening outfit.

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At the Oscars, Florence once again appeared in incongruous elements - a fluffy dress inspired by historical costume and... a minidress reminiscent of bicycle shorts. All the talk about the inability to dress worries Florence herself a little. In an interview with Elle, she said: "I've always been interested in 'loud' clothes. As a teenager, I bought the most outrageous things and sewed them together... I've become more confident in the last few years, and in my opinion, not least thanks to clothes, which I wear."

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Katy Perry

The singer often ends up on lists of poorly dressed celebrities - sometimes she will come in the form of a candelabra to the next ceremony, sometimes she will come in the form of a hamburger. This year, Katie was accused of dressing incorrectly for the coronation of Charles III. There is an unspoken rule - no one should outshine the king at his “celebration of life”. "This is a serious national event. You have to look beautiful, dignified and up to par. I don't think you'll see people trying to stand out at the service," royal expert Kinsey Schofield told Marie Claire.

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And Perry just appeared at Westminster Cathedral in a lavender suit from Vivienne Westwood and a voluminous hat to match. The size of the headdress caused inconvenience to the singer’s neighbors, and later social network users were surprised how she was not immediately taken out of the audience. Moreover, Katie herself suffered a little from the hat; before the coronation began, she could not find a place for a long time because of the wide brim, she was caught on camera and, in the end, the video of her was shared among Internet memes.

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Maya Hawke

The rising star of American cinema, the talented daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, also distinguished herself a couple of times this year at major events. In terms of mixing styles. In May, she attended the Cannes Film Festival, appearing on the carpet in a dark green evening dress, like that of opera divas. However, this luxurious image, according to fashion trendsetters, was destroyed by accessories - neon blue disco gloves and white hipster boots.

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And in June, she came to the premiere of Wes Anderson's film in an open black dress with sequins and the same cap. "I'm a big fan of bonnets... It suits Wes Anderson's style, it suits Maya," said Hawke's stylist Harry Lambert. However, fashion critics did not appreciate the idea and said that the headdress from the 1920s was out of step with the style of the actress’s “little black dress,” made in the Dior aesthetics of the 1950s.

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Heidi Klum

In between epic Halloween costume designs, the model and TV personality continues to stay on track to stand out from the crowd. Even to the detriment of the laws of beauty and harmony. This year she showed a series of not very successful images that made people talk about her long after the end of social events. Her image at the Golden Globes - a mini dress with sequins, decorated with a purple boa - was secretly recognized as the worst in the history of the award. “Heidi continues the tradition of being Halloween-only,” wrote one user X. “Klum looks great to audition for the role of the villain in a Barbie movie,” added another.

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Later, at a charity evening organized by the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the star came in a yellow voluminous jacket with feathers and a dress of the same color. She reminded her subscribers of a puppet doll.

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Well, the finale was her immodest dress at the Cannes Film Festival. There was a whole discussion on social networks about why there were so many cutouts in the canary-colored outfit. Not otherwise, these are the consequences of a brutal battle between a canary and a cat, joked one of the subscribers.

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