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Simple and elegant: how to use holiday clothes in your everyday look

When adding to our holiday wardrobe, many of us worry about how practical this purchase is? We'll tell you how to add clothes for a special occasion to your everyday look.

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When buying clothes for special occasions, the question that worries us the most is whether we will wear it anywhere else, since there is not a holiday every day, or will it continue to gather dust idle in the closet? In this article we will give tips that will help you use festive clothes both in an evening look and in everyday wear.

1. Neutral colors.

When shopping for event clothes, choose neutral tones like black or gray (they can also have sequins or prints) to make it easier to change the style of your outfit.

2. Change of partner.

If you have a blazer and pants, skirt and top set, you can wear each of these pieces separately with jeans or with a basic top for a more casual look.

At the party.

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3. Shoes.

The shoes you wear can completely change your look. Pair your look with sneakers or military boots for a daytime style, while opt for high heeled sandals or tall boots and you'll be ready for the party.

4. Layers.

Layering is very important when turning casual wear into evening wear and vice versa. For example, you can pair a sparkly skirt with a sweater or sweatshirt for a more casual style.

Festive look.

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5. Black dress and satin dress.

We all have a little black dress or a satin slip dress in our closet. Both can create a party or daytime look, you just need to know what to pair them with. In everyday life, such dresses can be worn with a T-shirt underneath, tights, military-style ankle boots and a jacket. For an evening look, you can choose heels, a leather jacket and a beautiful necklace.

Casual look.

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6. Accessories.

A fundamental step to creating two different looks with the same piece of clothing is the use of accessories. Accessories such as hats, scarves, handkerchiefs, necklaces, bags, bracelets, earrings, belts will enhance your look and completely change it!

7. Denim clothes.

Denim clothing is universal. If you have a sparkly top at home that you haven't worn in a while because you can't find an occasion, you can pair it with jeans, flats and a blazer. You'll have the perfect look for dinner with friends!

8. Bag.

Choose the right bag for any occasion! For example, going to a party with a huge office bag is not the same as going out with a handbag with rhinestones.

A look with a black top for a special occasion.

Few pieces are as simple, elegant and eye-catching as a black top to create a special party look. We'll give you 5 ideas on how to combine it according to your tastes and the event you plan to wear it to.

Of course, with your favorite jeans, ankle boots or heels, you won't need anything more. You can add a rhinestone belt and XL earrings to complete the look. Wear an oversized jacket with shoulder pads.

With leather effect clothes. To create a Total black look, there's nothing better than pairing a top with trousers, leggings or a leather-effect skirt, either mini or midi. Complete the look with black shoes or add a little color to it. You can also add an elegant fur jacket.

New Year.

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With skirts and trousers with sequins. This is one of the most effective and stress-free combinations. With trousers or a skirt with gold, silver, red or black sequins. Make a bid for an oversized coat in black broadcloth.

Classic trousers with a high waist. Pair your high-waisted trousers with a statement black top for the perfect look.

With a skirt or trousers with transparent films. This season we have seen bold pieces with sheer inserts, lace, etc., which can also be complemented with sequins, beads... If you have a jacket with a leather effect, the result will be the most fashionable.