, author: Ermakova M.

Claudia Schiffer shared childhood photos

The 53-year-old model and mother of three did it on Christmas Eve.

Photo source: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Claudia Schiffer doesn't often talk about her childhood. The formerly famous German model now enjoys family life with British director Matthew Vaughn and three children, and is a little involved in charity work, advertising and other equally interesting activities.

Photo source: соцсети

But the day before Catholic Christmas, she was overcome by nostalgia. Leafing through an album of old photographers, Claudia found two photographs of herself posing at the age of about five in front of a decorated Christmas tree - alone and with her brothers/sisters. She did not write in the comment which one of them is depicted together with Claudia, but only left the phrase: “It was the night before Christmas...”.

Photo source: соцсети

Schiffer has disabled the ability to comment on this post to avoid negativity. Apparently, she needed the publication more for the fact itself than for the fans’ reaction to it. Her husband's new film, Argyle: Super Spy, starring Henry Cavill, will be released in theaters at the end of January.