, author: Ermakova M.

Fashionable and cozy: 5 cashmere items suitable for the New Year

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Cashmere is one of the warmest and tactilely pleasant fabrics. If you decide to choose a cozy, homely look for New Year's Eve, then cashmere is exactly what you need.



A bright and comfortable cashmere sweater goes well with any trousers, jeans, or straight skirt. Pay attention to this juicy, but not too bright green color - the symbol of the year will really like it.



Such a laconic turtleneck will complement any look - it can be worn with strict classic trousers or with your favorite home trousers. It allows air to pass through perfectly, allowing the body to breathe, but reliably protects against the cold.



A weightless cardigan will make your New Year's look memorable and especially cozy. The loose model will not restrict movement, allowing you to enjoy any activity during the holiday.



A dress with a knot pattern will help create a distinctly feminine look. Warm, free, while emphasizing all the advantages of the figure.



A cozy cashmere suit will create a special mood on New Year's Eve. Soft fabric will eliminate the feeling of a certain formality and pathos that always accompanies the process of choosing an outfit for a holiday, and delicate colors will provide freedom of choice.