, author: Ermakova M.

Will not leave you again: 5 ways to recharge yourself in the New Year mood

Mood is a fickle and fickle thing, but still quite malleable and flexible. If it doesn’t exist, then it needs (and can!) be created.

New Year is just around the corner, but there is no festive mood. Fatigue and an abundance of negative emotions during the year usually leave no energy to celebrate and rejoice. But this does not mean that New Year's Eve is cancelled! We suggest what you need to do in order, as young people say, to catch the New Year’s vibe:

Walk around the city

Walk along the streets shimmering with garlands, admire the decorated Christmas trees placed everywhere. Perhaps during such a walk you will meet people rushing home with beautiful gift boxes and will be “infected” with joy from them. Often, on the eve of the holiday, Santa Clauses are photographed on the streets with children - this sight contributes to the emergence of an appropriate mood.



Photo source: 123rf.com

Write a list of gratitude for the past year. Reflect in it everything that you have succeeded in, everything that you have achieved, everything that is most joyful and long-awaited that has happened. Each of the items included in the list will help you concentrate on the most positive moments of the year and take them with you - into the bright future that is about to come.


Prepare something especially tasty and your favorite. Maybe you and your loved ones like orange cupcakes. Or the New Year is unthinkable for you without a traditional crab salad... Involve someone close to you in preparing the festive dish - a pleasant joint activity relieves stress, and eating something cooked together is doubly pleasant.


Make a music selection of your favorite songs that reflect the holiday theme. Music has a particularly strong effect on the subtlest strings of the soul. Perhaps, after listening to something atmospheric, you will feel the desire to create an unforgettable holiday.


children playing with confetti

Visit the New Year's fair or go to the Christmas tree with your child. The light and cheerful atmosphere of such events (where there are a lot of children, bright colors, games and fairy-tale characters) will help you forget about the troubles that happened this year and let them go painlessly.

Celebrate the New Year with a smile on your face and love in your heart!