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A glimpse into the future: the top 5 Yuletide catnip

It is necessary to start fortune-telling on the night from January 6 to January 7, having previously removed jewelry and disbanded hair.

The approaching Christmas Eve is a special time to find out what the future holds. On this night, shrouded in mystery and illuminated by light, divinations are especially accurate and reliable. We offer to the most impatient and curious a few simple divinations - you can use them at home:

For the coming year

To find out what events will happen in the current year, you can do this: melt candle wax in a spoon and pour it into a container with cold water. Solidifying, the wax will take different forms. For example, if you see a figure in the form of a flower, you will get married soon. Animal figurine - a bad sign, it informs about the imminent appearance of an enemy in your life.

On the event

White rice.

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It is very easy to understand whether or not the event you are interested in will happen this year. Put your hand into a bag/packet/jar of rice and ask the question loudly. Then scoop up a handful of groats and count the grains. Even number - the answer is yes, odd number - respectively, no.

For love

There is no place without fortune-telling for love on Christmas night. Every girl waiting for a cherished feeling, it is interesting to know what her chosen one will be like. Well, you can try to do it:

Divination on salty food

Shortly before bedtime, eat something salty. For example, a cucumber or a piece or two of smoked sausage. Going to bed, say: "Who is my cassock? Who is my soulmate? And give me a drink!". It is believed that on the night of Christmas dreams are believed, so you can see the appearance of your future soul mate. Try to memorize the features of your beloved's face, so as not to miss him in reality!

Fortune-telling on buttons

A girl who wants to know where she will meet her beloved, should from Thursday to Friday to take a lot of multicolored buttons, put them in a dense cloth bag, and in the morning pull out one without looking. The color will tell about the meeting place:

white: on vacation, business trip, travel;

black: at work or school;

blue: in a store, government office - wherever necessity usually takes you;

green: on a picnic or a walk;

yellow: on the Internet;

red: in a place where you will be uncomfortable, but meeting him or her will lighten the mood;

brown: you will be introduced by mutual friends/buddies;

gray, silver or shiny: in a place for leisure: a club, concert hall, etc.

Snow fortune-telling

Throw a handful of snow against the wind. If the snow falls on you - your fiancé will be young and attractive. The snow flew away - the man who will be next to you is much older than you and not handsome.

It is important to remember that during the divination inappropriate joking mood. It is important to remember that a humorous attitude is inappropriate during the ritual, otherwise the higher powers will not want to interact with you.