, author: Plackhin A.

Gucci has unveiled an advertising campaign for its spring-summer collection

The brand's creative director dedicated her to the art of fashion photography.

Photo source: gucci.com

Sabato De Sarno, who became Gucci's creative director a year ago, unveiled the spring/summer 2024 campaign. The collection was his debut in his senior position. The series of images was shot by David Sims, with whom Sarno began to collaborate when he was taking his first steps in fashion.

Photo source: gucci.com

The campaign, called Ancora, aims to tell the story of "real life and ordinary women" by highlighting the clothing designs created by De Sarno. The five racially diverse models are designed to showcase "a wide range of beauty" and express sensuality, freedom and confidence.

Photo source: gucci.com

The collection includes patent handbags with matching blazers, shorts and skirts that are meant to accentuate a variety of accessories from eyewear, to jewelry and shoes.