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Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover of Singapore's Harper's BAZAAR

And talked about her relationship with her model daughter and global luxury brands.

Photo source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover of the Singapore edition of Harper's Bazaar, showing the same sought-after sensuality as she did 20 years ago. That was when she first graced the Singapore Bazaar. And, now she has made a triumphant return. In addition to the spectacular photo shoot, Cindy spoke to the magazine about her long career, the Apple TV+ documentary "The Super Models" in which she starred with Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista, as well as her affectionate relationship with her model daughter Kaia Gerber and her long-standing collaborations with global brands.

Photo source: harpersbazaar.com.sg

On the "The Super models" documentary

"The most striking thing about this job is our production of the movie. We felt nostalgic for that era, but also wanted to tell our own story. It was a wonderful reunion: we remembered the past through the lens of time and experience." According to Cindy, the famous foursome from the '90s was indeed important and interesting to talk to each other. "I loved hearing everyone's stories and memories. Of course, I was completely captivated by Linda's story of what she went through. I also learned a lot from Naomi. Even though we were doing the same thing, hearing how she was paid less than other models was painful and awakening. For the sake of inclusivity, we all had to stand up for each other."

On collaborations with celebrity brands

"At first it was unintentional, but as my career progressed I learned that companies like Pepsi and Omega wanted to invest in me and build long-term relationships instead of looking for hot new models. I've been with Omega for almost 30 years and being on the set of MTV's 'House of Style' TV program has helped me expand my audience."

Photo source: harpersbazaar.com.sg

About her career

While Cindy's professional path may be described in textbooks as an example of being able to expand her portfolio and work forward, she herself says she never planned that far ahead. "It was never part of a big plan, but I evolved with my career. After realizing 'boundaries,' I wanted to have more say in the projects I worked on and put my vision into them."

Now she can afford to be more selective in her professional endeavors. "I now evaluate many aspects of every opportunity. Of course I have to fall in love with a product or magazine. I also want to be sure that the values being declared resonate with my values and brand (cosmetic - Meaningful Beauty). And finally, I want to make sure the day goes great, so the team is also very important!".

Photo source: harpersbazaar.com.sg

On the secret of her success

"Look, for the most part, modeling success is about creating the right image at the right time. But I think a lot of what went along with my success depended on timing and preparation. I also realized that modeling is a skill and it can be improved."

What she lives by now

"I am inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of Los Angeles, traveling, the beach and being outdoors, and my daughter Kaia. I am excited to rediscover the world of fashion with her! Right now, I am much more interested in leading a balanced life. Having time for family, friends, work, charity work and myself. I want to keep learning and growing, as well as having time to slow down and enjoy everything I have."