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Pumice stone to the rescue: an effective way to get rid of lint

Is your favorite sweater covered in lint? There is a simple and cheap solution to remove them so that the garment looks like new again.

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Our closets are full of stylish, comfortable and warm clothes that we keep year after year, but over time they start to develop lint, spoiling their appearance.

Yes, there are some very well-known methods of removing lint from knitted clothes and lint from clothes made of wool: for example, you can use a razor blade or more advanced machines designed for this purpose. That's great, but they've got some competition: pumice.

What is pumice and how it can be used in the home

Pumice is a volcanic stone that comes in a variety of shapes (though they are almost always elongated or angular). This stone is made up of several components that came together during the cooling of highly viscous magma. Most are white in color and are resistant to both cold and fire. They are usually of medium hardness and have a soft effect on the surface to be worked.

Formed by lava coming into contact with air, it has a low density, very porous texture, and a grayish or white color. Because of the cavities present in it, it can float in water. It is also very light in weight, so it can be taken anywhere. This hard and rough sponge is not only for skin care.

Pumice stone can be considered a "miracle", because it can be used not only to improve the appearance of our feet, but is also a great assistant in cleaning the house:

  • It is effective for cleaning the toilet. Dirt is instantly wiped off when rubbed with a wet pumice stone.
  • Serves as an excellent oven and iron cleaner. There are many ways to clean your oven, and one of them is this one. If you don't want to use cleaning products, try cleaning the inside of the oven with a pumice stone.
  • It's great for removing pet hair from couches, carpets. Most dogs and cats like to climb on couches, leaving behind pet hair. Pumice stone can easily cope with this task: just run the stone on the upholstery, and goodbye, hairs!
  • A way to remove lint and lint from clothes.

Woolen clothes.

Photo source: freepik.com

How to use a pumice stone to remove lint from clothes

Lay out the garment you want to remove lint from and place it on a flat, hard surface. Now it remains to simply run the pumice stone over the clothes, moving from top to bottom. It should only be remembered that the structure of fabrics is different, and some of them are more amenable to processing than others.

Periodically, it is recommended to boil the pumice stone for about five minutes to kill any bacteria. Dry it and store it in a moisture-proof place.

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