, author: Ermakova M.

Beauty and protection: 4 rules for facial skin care during frost

In winter, facial skin especially needs hydration, nutrition and protection.

The sub-zero temperature shows no sign of losing ground. On the contrary, in a few days the frosts in the central zone of our country will only intensify. It is necessary not only to dress warmly and strengthen the immune system, but also to protect the skin of the face from negative effects in order to preserve its beauty and elasticity. A few life hacks that will help with this:

Creamy texture


Use cleansers with a thick cream texture in winter. They moisturize the skin without forming a lot of foam, which means without removing the natural protective fat layer from the face. After finishing washing, apply cream with vitamin A, urea, and ceramides to your face. These elements will prevent the skin from drying out and maintain a moisture-proof layer.

Vitamin C

cosmetics for winter

It is important that your face cream or serum contains vitamin C. It provides the skin with a healthy glow and promotes the production of collagen, which protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences. The magic vitamin also quickly restores skin after damage and prevents the appearance of new ones, smoothes out the external signs of skin aging.


Photo source: The Outset

Gentle (that's the key word!) exfoliators are a must-have item in your winter beauty arsenal. We are not talking about scrubs with hard (and often large) scrubbing particles, but about peeling rolls and light gommages. The frequency of their use depends on the type and characteristics of the skin. So, for those with dry skin, it will be enough to exfoliate once a week, and for those with oily or combination skin, it will be enough to exfoliate twice a week.


The skin of the lips is thinner and more defenseless than the skin on other parts of the face, and therefore needs additional protection. Lip balm should be applied not only during the day, but also at night. This way it will act as a nourishing mask, protecting your lips from drying out (dry air, heaters, and even breathing through your mouth noticeably thins and dries out the skin of your lips).

Always remain beautiful, regardless of the weather outside.