, author: Ermakova M.

Plump and shiny: top tips for lip care

The skin of the lips is very thin, and therefore very capricious. She needs special, very delicate care.

We are usually attracted to details in another person's appearance. Lips can tell a lot more about you than you think. Why not pay a little more attention to caring for them?

Avoid lip products with eucalyptus and menthol in them

Especially in winter. During this period, the thin skin of the lips is already exposed to the aggressive effects of cold, and the cooling components in the balm or lipstick enhance this. In hot weather, products with menthol will be relevant - they will leave a pleasant, much-needed coolness on the lips.

Not just lipstick

Before applying balm or gloss to your lips, moisturize and nourish them with a special serum, oil or rich balm. This will help fill cracks and fine wrinkles on the lips, making them smoother and more well-groomed. Important: in autumn and winter it is better not to use lip glosses - their function is purely decorative, and the texture is too light and does not provide adequate protection. In cold weather, apply lipstick or balm; lighter cosmetics will wait until late spring and summer.


Remember to drink enough water. The skin of the lips reflects the general condition of the body, including dehydration. A person who does not replenish their hydration will usually have lips that look dry and chapped.


Periodically renew your lip skin with a soft scrub. Thanks to this, the lips will look well-groomed, thin skin will be soft to the touch, without a feeling of tightness.

Before bedtime

It is important to apply care products to your lips not only during the day, but also at night. Especially now, during the cold season, when many of us use heaters. Dry and excessively warm air dries out lips, but a balm or nourishing cream applied before bed will keep them moisturized and nourished, since a thick layer of the product works like a caring mask on thin skin.