, author: Ermakova M.

Taylor Swift's cat is richer than her boyfriend Travis Kelce

The fortune of the singer’s four-legged “girlfriend” is more than twice that of an American football player.

Photo source: соцсети

Travis Kelsey may not be a poor man, but his earnings are incomparably less than that of his lover, singer Taylor Swift, and even less than that of her cat Olivia Benson. The artist acquired a charming Scottish Fold pet in 2014. Since then, the cat, named after the brave heroine of the Law and Order series, has consistently brought her a good income. At the end of 2023, it amounted to $97 million.

Money “runs” to Olivia, thanks to filming in the hostess’s music videos, commercials for famous manufacturers, as well as appearances on Swift’s social network accounts and on the products of her clothing line of the same name.

As of today, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce's net worth is $40 million.