, author: Ermakova M.

No nudity: Julia Roberts spoke about her career decision

The 56-year-old actress gave a long interview to British Vogue.

Photo source: vogue.com

Julia Roberts explained why she refuses to pose nude. Even in the film “Pretty Woman” (1990), in the role of the prostitute Vivienne, she was dressed.

According to the actress, she always wanted to protect women who were forced to undress on camera. “You know, without criticizing others, I always regarded taking off clothes in a film or feeling vulnerable on a physical level as a choice that I made for myself,” she noted.

Photo source: vogue.com

It turned out that Julia is related to the famous human rights activist fighting for the interests of women, Gloria Steinem. The actress assures that this, in its own way, prompted her to firmly defend her interests. Well, the presence of three children added arguments - for their benefit, Roberts strictly vetoed all talk about “nudes” in the filming process.