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Kate Moss' iconic looks from the catwalks

The famous former supermodel has turned 50. Let's look at her career through the prism of the outfits she showed to the world at different times.

Photo source: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Kate Moss officially left the runway in 2004, having stopped working regularly as a model. Of course, she went on to have partnerships with various brands including Louis Vuitton, Fashion for Relief and more. Now Kate's legacy lives on in Pinterest and social media accounts dedicated to fashion. Fans continue to idealize the Brit for her unforgettable looks of the past and unique sense of style.

At the age of 14, she was noticed at the New York airport by Storm Management founder Sarah Dukas. The native of London's Croydon district quickly became recognizable, gracing many international glossy publications, advertising campaigns and fashion shows. Designers liked to call Kate a muse: her angelic yet playful appearance inspired visionaries such as Gianni Versace and Alexander McQueen. The latter made history by placing Moss' image as a hologram at the fall-winter 2006 show in Paris. In this review we will recall the famous images of the model.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture, Spring/Summer 1993

Photo source: Vogue/Victor Virgile GI

Kate was to be the embodiment of spring, as the designer intended her to be, walking down the catwalk in an airy silk suit decorated with a large floral print.

Yves Saint Laurent, Fall/Winter 1993

Photo source: Vogue/Victor Virgile GI

Here Moss was already the epitome of drama, in a black velvet dress with a blue boa, choker, large earrings and a high feather headpiece.

John Galliano, Spring/Summer 1994

Photo source: Vogue/Getty Images

And here, the Italian fashion designer saw Kate as a mischievous villager and dressed her in a suit with a puffy ruffled skirt and a white top with a fur stole, supplementing all this exuberance with artificial braids in the style of German Fräulein.

Yves Saint Laurent, Spring/Summer 1994

Photo source: Vogue/Pool ARNAL/GARCIA

French chic and minimalism. Just a laconic black dress and a red beret made Moss the "Emily of the 90s", without pretentiousness or immodesty.

Vivienne Westwood, Spring/Summer 1996

Photo source: Vogue/Pool ARNAL/PAT

Kate's compatriot saw her as a disheveled, sloppy missus - in a bouffant dress and with bright makeup. Fashion designers loved working with Moss. Her looks were a "blank slate" that could be used to create any look.

Gucci, fall/winter 1996

Photo source: Vogue/Guy Marineau

Another example that confirms the above. A sleek hairstyle, strict pants and coat, and here we see a strict businesswoman signing million-dollar contracts.

Chloé, fall/winter 1997

Photo source: Vogue/Daniel SIMON

The look of a bohemian girl going to a fun party in Soho. The silk dress with wide sleeves, colorful strands and bouffant hairstyle with eyeshadow highlighted did the trick.

Louis Vuitton Menswear, fall/winter 2018

Photo source: Vogue/Getty Images

From the latest fab is this grunge style - a luxe patent coat with brand logos and heavy martins made Kate the star of the show.