, author: Ermakova M.

5 products that will help you stay attractive during the cold season

In winter, it is not at all necessary to “freeze” your attractiveness. It's time to reveal its new facets!

Skin can remain smooth and radiant even in winter, when there is a clear deficiency of vitamin D from sunlight. Several cosmetic products can give your face a fresh and healthy look. Keep them in your purse or on your bathroom shelf for the rest of the winter days:

Vitamin C Facial Serum

vitamin C

This product will make your skin literally glow from the inside. The serum should be applied under your usual day cream, gently, using patting movements.

Cream colored pencil

Paint the mucous membranes of your eyes with it. This technique makes the look fresh, clear, and hides signs of fatigue. And, by the way, it looks more natural on the skin than white, which beauty bloggers use in a similar way.

Light-reflecting concealer

It will hide dark circles under the eyes and even out the tone of your face. Apply a thin layer under your eyes on top of your foundation to make the effect more obvious.


This is a must-have winter makeup step if you want to look fresher. Apply them from the apples of the cheeks to the temples - this technique “tightens” the contour of the face and adds natural brightness to the image.


Yes, make sure you get the most glow this winter! Try to minimize the use of products with a matte texture - in cold weather, with a lack of sun, they make the skin dull, causing you to look tired. Highlighter applied to the cheekbones will refresh the face.

It can also be applied to moving eyelids instead of shadows - this is an excellent option for evening or holiday makeup. And even if you opt for nude makeup, a drop of highlighter applied to the inner corner of the eye will transform you. The highlighted corner visually enlarges the eyes and makes the look younger. In winter, both a “basic” silver shade of highlighter and a product with a gold, pink or blue undertone are appropriate.